Need Planning Advice for Trip 12/10-12/16


Hello! I am looking for expert advice regarding the best strategy for starting our day Monday at HS and ending by hopping to MK for fireworks.
The challenge for us is we are staying off property and driving and my father will be using an ECV. Should we park at MK TTC in the morning? If so, what is the best way to get to HS that will accommodate ECV?

Also, should we plan on seeing Jingle Jam show or Fantasmic?

I am sure there are more questions I should be asking. I have attempted to create a reasonable TP for each day, but with a group of 9 and three generations I am trying to be flexible.

Thanks in advance for your help!


I would just drive to HS in the morning, you will be very close to the front of lot if you get there early. Then just drive to the TTC when you want to go to MK. I wouldn't try to make it more complicated than it needs to be. Have fun!


I haven't seen jingle bell jingle jam, but it's gotten lukewarm reviews. Fantasmic is awesome. If you think you want to catch the limited time show (JBJB) and will be back again to see fantasmic, that's ok, but between the two of would pick fantasmic, especially if it's a once in a lifetime (or at least long time) trip


Thank you, that makes sense!


It may be years before we are back, thanks for the input!