Need planning advice for 3/7/2020 through 3/14/2020

Hi all. back in the forum for a short one-week trip first week of March. DD’s high school graduation trip. :cry: Been out of touch since last summer. Does Purim really bring in those huge projected crowds for first week of March or is it the Spring Break effect? We are stuck with that week…no flexibility. Galaxy’s Edge sounds insane. Way behind in planning and have to select FP’s on Tues 1/7. I am trying to figure out my park days and I have been looking at the DIBB. The biggest question currently in my mind is this: What is the likelihood that either or both of the attractions in Galaxy’s Edge will be using FP by that time? (I have been watching Steve Bloom’s posts about Boarding Groups and it is depressing me.) Absent any changes, I am guessing my FP priorities are still SDD, FoP, and 7DMT, in that order? On a separate topic, we are trying out a 1BR at the Riviera under the passholder offer. I would like to hear any experiences (good or bad) from people who have actually stayed there, Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!

I think there’s a zero percent change GE attractions will use FPP in 2 months. March 7-14 is spring break for a lot of Texas (and probably other places starting then too). Have fun, I’ve been that week 3 times lately. Definitely busy but weather is terrific normally.

I’m there the week after you @poohfanclub. I’ve got the same concerns as you do. It’s looking like HS will be a very tough park to manage. SDD will be my FP selection as well if MMRR isn’t available. I’m also hoping that Space 220 will open up dining reservations soon…
Have a great time!

I just booked most of our dining. We are also interested in Space 220, so I am watching for the opening. I am wondering… If you are lucky enough to get assigned to a Boarding Group for RotR (big “if”), what happens if the boarding time conflicts with another FP or a dining reservation?