Need opinions on trip dates and hotel

Just got back this week from our most recent Disney trip and our first ever “immediate family only” vacation. DH is finally converted to a Disney lover like me!! He hated first trip in 2012- but this trip he has already started talking about going ahead and planning our next one. He even gave me the go ahead to pick a date and book it :flushed: I know we have a long time away, but due to my DH’s job he needs to book off as far in advance as possible. Travel party is DH, me, DDs who will be 9&5 at travel time. Here are my two major questions:

  1. Should we travel in October 2015 or January/February 2016? Food and Wine is not important to us. Looking for decent crowd levels and weather. Would like to be able to swim.

  2. Hotel recommendations. We have stayed at AoA and CBR. AoA was awesomely themed, but we liked the space of CBR and loved their pool more. On site is a definite but not sure if we should try other moderate resorts or stick with CBR?

Thanks for any and all input :grinning:

I’ve been the first week in November and the first week in February. The temps were pretty similar both weeks. There was more rain and we experienced some travel delays from snow in other states in February. The only downside to November was that the warm days were a bit too warm for me. (But I’m a wimp.) Crowds felt higher in November, but still manageable.

Also keep in mind that Jan/Feb is a time for a number of year refurbishments so you might want to check the list to help you decide. Oct’s weather is definitely more random. It could be really hot or very mild. Lots of rain or only a little lol. I know that’s not very helpful. As far as where to stay it sounds like you liked CBR. Most of the moderates are similar in size and value so really it’s a lot about the theming. POR AND POFQ get a lot of love around here but there are plenty of fans for CBR and CSR. You could consider a royal room if you want to make it a bit more special with theming.

Also since you’re pretty comfortable with the parks and you have a need to plan so far in advance have you considered renting DVC points? You might be able to to get a bigger room at SSR, OKW, or maybe even AKL for around the same price. DVC rental store and Davids rentals are both widely regarded. The biggest complaint there is that you’re pretty well locked in once you pay which is a downside for a lot of people but sounds like you have to have plans set in stone so may not be a problem for you. DVC rental store will actually allow you to pay out up to 45 days like Disney does. Davids requires full payment at booking.

Hmmm…never thought about renting points! I have no idea what rooms are like for those, so I will have to look into that. What a great idea :smile:

We did really like CBR compared to AoA. Room was noticeably larger, double sink was great, girls loved having slides in pool, and we used the resort restaurant a couple times. We got double beds but I know some moderates have queens which would be nice too. I expected to be disappointed because theming is so great at AoA, but I wasn’t at all. I also expected to think the moderate wasn’t worth the price difference, but we felt it was.

We go every year in oct for mnsshp… But our most fav trip ever… Yes ever… Was the end of jan! The crowds weren’t too bad and only had a little problem with tour groups at POR :frowning: but we did walk about Epcot with what seemed like 10 other people! Yes, jan has no fun halloween decorations and things are being refirbed but low crowds are always our number one priority! We love AoA and have strayed but usually always go back (until both ds are over theme I’m sure we’ll be there for awhile) did enjoy the amenities of WL last month over a mod… Distance to mk was fantastic and I actually enjoyed everything being in one building! Good luck and happy planning! I’m planning a jan trip and one for oct next year :slight_smile: yippee!!!

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I’ve been end of September and first week of January. September was hot, good swimming weather. January was swim able for my daughter. not me. splash mountain is usually closed in January.