Need One More Restaurant Rec

Hi! Some of my most wanted/favorite restaurants are temporarily closed for our trip end of June through beginning of July. I’m hoping more open up before our trip, but I currently need one more sit down meal recommendation and some back up recs. This is what I have so far: Raglan Road, Sci Fi Drive In, BOG, Le Cellier, Hollywood Brown Derby, and Tutto Italia. Thanks for any feedback!

Is there a specific park(s) you would like another sit down reservation for?

And what age group are your kids in?

Not really. We have a “free” day. I booked DHS in case we can’t get RotR in on the other 2 days we have DHS booked. We have Park Hoppers, but I know I’m rolling the dice a bit with not booking an ADR at DHS since that’s our reserved park for the day, but worst case scenario we grab a QS dinner.

Oh! Our kids are 16 and 14.

I’m assuming no AK?..Yak and Yeti is one of the best.

If you like good fried chicken, you could look for a 50’s Prime for HS. Or just get QS, several good ones.

I hope you have an Oga’s ADR (drinks/snack), your age kids would love it!

Ha ha! Yes! We are going to try for a late night drink at Oga’s! We are doing AK, but between the kids taste in food and the husbands gluten allergy it just doesn’t work for us. I’ll take another look though!

Ok. Good chance the res. finder finds Oga’s for you. One came through for us during our trip and I was able to snag.

Y&Y is one place you can call to try to get a reservation, if you would want to brave the food.

ACTUALLY…just took another look at Yak & Yeti and that may be a good option! The only thing is our plan has us done with AK at about 11am. We are staying at BC, so wondering if trying to stay at AK for an additional 6-7 hours for dinner is worth it? I was sort of hoping to jump into EP for Tutto Italia. AK closes at 6. The kids can wait until 7 for dinner if need be.

I went with my friend who has celiac’s in October. She got great meals at Skipper Canteen and Sanaa, both of which I would recommend. Also, if you can make it work, try the gluten-free churros at Nomad Lounge at AK! The other place we made a point to eat at was Raglan Road and you already have a reservation there.

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Oh! Good tip on the GF Churros! I’ll definitely make a note of that!!! Thanks!

We had a 10:50 ADR for Y&Y for lunch. Sounds like you are doing great planning, you’ll figure it out and have a great time!

Thank you! Thanks for all of your suggestions! I’m definitely keeping an open mind to Yak & Yeti!

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Kimonos at Swolphin doesn’t take rezzies so you can always pop in there if ya’ll like Sushi and it’s not far from DHS if you’re there. Or another Epcot restaurant (come on Space 220).

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We really liked Olivia’s (at OKW). The fried chicken there was better than Homecomin’, and the rolls they give you were amazing. We enjoyed the casual atmosphere, and the server was super friendly. We liked it so much, we have an ADR there in May even though we’ll be at UOR instead. We’re taking the family there.

(since you are talking about a potential non-park day)

We thought 50’s Prime chicken was also better than Homecomin’s.

Great tip! Thanks!

We love Olivia’s! The past several times we’ve gone to WDW we’ve stayed at OKW, so we are definitely familiar with Olivia’s.

If your DH likes bone-in fried chicken I highly recommend the allergy fried chicken at 50’s Prime Time. You have to stop by early in the day to request it because they make it fresh to order each day. I truly could not even figure out what they used to make it. It didn’t have any of that gumminess that GF fried foods tend to get. And also, the PB&J shake can be made GF (and DF) also. I had both last week and it was amazing!
With allergies I find that the Disney owned locations are super accommodating and always kind. The non-disney owned restaurants do it because they have to, and sometimes I feel like a bother requesting a special meal. I find this to be especially true at the patina group owned establishments, especially at Via Napoli in Epcot.
In AK, your DH can very safely eat at Satulii Canteen and Flame Tree BBQ (both QS). I would go to Sanaa for a sit down. The bread service is so good.

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Which allergies to the fry it in? :thinking:


Haha. aaaalllll the allergies.