Need NYE/NYD advice

So… I haven’t been to Disney World since 2019. My wife and I just had an opportunity to plan a last minute trip. We will have 2 park days. Yes, 2 of the busiest days of the year… 12/31 and 1/1.

I just want some feedback from some of you who have experienced the parks more recently because I’m overwhelmed trying to study G+, ILL and prepare a park plan.

By the time we booked, we were only able to get AK for 12/31. We will be arriving on property after the park opens, probably around 9 or 10 am. My ultimate plan for the day is to hop to EPCOT. We’ll scan into AK and ride a ride or 2 if it isn’t too crazy then grab lunch and try to go to EPCOT. I might try to get ILL for FoP that morning if I can. I’d also like to try to get ILL for Guardians in EPCOT, but is it reasonable to expect to be able to hop to EPCOT on a 10 crowd day? I’ll probably get G+ and just start stacking rides for later in the day in EPCOT.

On 1/1, I think it will be slightly more manageable as the crowd level isn’t quite as high. We will start the day in DHS. Probably try to get ILL for RoTR. We’ll be going back in March with the kids so I don’t feel the need to do everything at DHS so we’ll probably rope drop and ride a few things standby while stacking G+ ILL to hop over to MK later in the day.

So I guess my biggest concern is how crowded does everyone expect the parks to be? I’ve never been that time of year to know. I’m hoping we can hop since I couldn’t directly book the 2 parks I wanted to, but are my plans even going to be feasible or should I just pivot and make plans as if I’ll be in AK and DHS all day long?

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The only time park hopping has been suspended was on Oct 1st 2021 at MK for a couple of hours before being reinstated.

There’s no reason to think you won’t be able to get into Epcot. No guarantees of course.


We also planned a last minute trip and will be there 1/1-1/3 with our only full park day being 1/2. We also plan on DHS and epcot that day. We will see, we will be back in June so low expectations is our plan.

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We’ll also be in AK on the 31st and have a half day planned at HS on the 1st. Not at all interested in NYE stuff, and AK seemed like it would be the least busy park that day. Looks like the morning of the 1st should be pretty nice if you can get out early.

Yeah, I’m not expecting to do a whole lot, for sure. Not sure I’d even want this if it wasn’t for the fact that I know we’ll be back because I’d just feel like I missed out on so much.

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Honestly, being in a crowded park with thousands of other people to ring in the New Year wasn’t top on my list either. But when DW reminded me that we won’t have kids with us and it will just be the 2 of us and we can drink around the world… sold!


Yeah, that’s definitely a difference here; we’re traveling with DS9 and DS8. We’ll be there 12/26-1/1, so I’m expecting the absolute worst crowds and just hoping to enjoy whatever we can get around to. It’ll be our first family trip out to Disney, so expectations are already nice and low (outside of myself, who knows way too much!)

Oh wow! Well, I hope that you all have a wonderful trip and that it’s the first of many!!!

We were at EPCOT on NYE last year. Park was crowded but very manageable during the day. At night world showcase was hit or miss. Very crowded in certain spots, fairly empty in others. Folks were just settling in one spot and waiting for midnight. Only long lines were for buying alcohol. They set up extra carts to sell themed cocktails.

We were there the last week of December and it was a late decision. At first we were unable to get APR that we wanted but I kept checking first thing in the morning each day and was able to switch and secure exactly the APR we wanted including MK and HS.

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Thank you so much for that feedback! Certainly gives me piece of mind that we will be able to manage what we’d like to do. Might have to check out a few of those extra themed cocktails as well!

We’re wanting to see the midnight fireworks, but I don’t see the point of camping out for hours for that. Seems that it can probably be enjoyed from about anywhere more so than Harmonious so hopefully we can take advantage of a chance to wander the pavilions or ride some rides while others are doing that. lol