Need input plz: transferring to poly: lagoon vs tp view? longhouse?

Hi all,

So set to arrive at Yacht club on 8/23. it opens 8/24. Can’t stay there. I spoke with CM LATE last night after 1.75 hrs on hold. Said I could move dates or move to resort that is open at no charge. Well, SWA changed my flights and my “free” change was used right before I found out about the hotel closure. Sigh. So dates are “fixed”. Would like to keep it that week,

CR and Poly are both open. We would prefer poly. There are lagoon views available there. Guessing TP views include the lagoon as well?

I have read some things talking about the finer points of what constitutes a TP view (castle between 2 palm trees, etc.)

So my question: since it is no up-charge, should I ask for TP view or lagoon view?

I was thinking Tuvala longhouse.

I don’t want to be looking at the pool or the parking lot.

it is just 2 adults on trip.


Last time we were at the Poly we had what was probably a parking lot view, second floor, altho it was mostly vegetation that was visible. I was a wee bit disappointed.

Until I was standing on the balcony thing - please tell me there is a bit of a balcony thing cuz that’s my recollection! - after dark when the monorail came by. And that just seemed so magical.

And no, I hadn’t been lounge hopping the MK resorts. :slight_smile:

We were only 3 nights here after a week at Old Key West. The monorail fly-by (?) became a nightly thing right along with the Electric Boat Parade and the fireworks.

But if they’re passing out MK slice of the castle view, why not?

this is going to be my request: Lagoon view, balcony or patio room, Tuvala longhouse.

Many upper floor views on that longhouse can see MK even thogh kind of classified as LV. 2nd floor has no balconies :frowning:

I have a similar question too. We’re at the Poly in a DVC rental right before you are considering, Aug 16-23. Original room request was Tokelau west-facing third floor hoping for a glimpse of fireworks from balcony. Since fireworks aren’t happening, with theme park hours tighter, and three kids (one in a stroller) we’re re-thinking what might be more important than getting a “slice” view.

Maybe closeness to the Great Ceremonial House.

Or equal closeness to boat dock and GCH.

Your original request isn’t far off, with those considerations.


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