Need Info on BOG breakfast reservation

Hello everyone,
I finally succumbed to all of the reports of how great it is to have a pre-rope drop BOG reservation. I was able to snag an 8:40 for 9 am open day. Can someone please tell me the earliest I may be let in for my breakfast.?I thought I heard I could get there early. It’s just me and it is my last half day at WDW. I want to squeeze in as much as I can. Thanks for your help.

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You should be let in at 7:45ish. Pre order and head straight there. They seat based on arrival not adr time. You could be in and out by 8:40am. Finish then line up for 7dmt

I was able to do 7DMT and Peter Pan by 9:10 two weeks ago. Enjoy!

Just had a look at the pictures. We finished the first round on 7DMT by 8:40am


Thanks everyone! That’s fantastic.

@PrincipalTinker was the morning you did both by 9:10 an EMH AM, or no?
I’m staying offsite next month and need to know if I’ll be able to access the rides after finishing breakfast before 9:00am. this has me very nervous!

My experience is they don’t typically scan MBs in the morning when entering the ride not like they do during EMH pm. I guess in the morning they assume you would not be in the park if you were no eligible for EMH. My most recent experience was December so before the new opening process.

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It was not an EMH day but I am confident you could start earlier (lines may be longer)

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I am really super nervous about this. I need to FP either 7DMT or PP, but NOT both. So I need to ride one at RD. I was planning to RD PP. Anything more than 25 min wait time will not work with my group.

We were there last Tuesday. Got out of BOG at 8:30, wandered along and got in line for PP at 8:50am and were the first. The few people with Extra Magic Morning didn’t bother us at all and we could walk all the way through the line at 9am.

GOOD TO KNOW!!! Thank you!!!

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It is EMH or early morning magic? If it is EMH the attractions in Fantasyland will all open at 8. You will be able to ride when your breakfast is done since the rides will be open. There may not be a 45 minute line at PP but there will be a line.

It is EMH. Thank you @PrincipalTinker

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