Need help with Villains

So a newly booked cheap flight allowed us to add a day to our Spring Break trip, and there just happens to be a VAH that night, so we did one final splurge.

Anyhow, we get 3 FP to use between 7 and 10. Any experiences or thoughts on which 3 would make the most sense to do with FP before the event, or wont it really matter? Should we just go favorites, so that it gives us extra rides on those, or should I be geographically strategic to make best use of time? 7DMT is unavailable of course, as this is just a couple weeks away. Everything else is available for those hours.

I would just book your favorites that you’d like to ride multiple times for the FP+ and enjoy a leisurely time in the parks prior to the riff-raff being kicked out. Last year there were long lines for Space Mountain due to the “overlay” (darkness & music) and Pirates wasn’t quite walk on, but most rides are low wait which is perfect…Not sure we did 7DMT last year to be honest as I think that one gets a fair amount of attention and is likely tougher to ride right at start…

Are you planning on watching HEA? If not, here’s what we did (bear in mind, we did this rather last minute so fastpasses weren’t plentiful). We did FPP for Buzz, Little Mermaid and Tea Cups (remember, not plentiful!). After our last one, it was 7:50pm on an 8pm HEA day. We jumped in line for 7DMT and it was a 20 minute wait and got some fireworks as we were on the ride which was awesome. We were purposefully avoiding Space because DS11 was scared of the overlay. We did PeopleMover next, another round on Buzz, Speedway and Pooh. Group decided they had no interest in PP or IASW. Went to Haunted Mansion with plans for BTMRR, but the wait was 30 min (it experienced a lot of down time that day so that drove up the wait). We did POC next (maybe 10 minute wait) then caught the Cursed Caravan. My DS11 was exhausted by that time (around 10:45pm) so we bailed, but the rest of our group still got in BTMRR twice, two more rides on 7DMT and once on Space.