Need help with "split" touring plan -- DD6 hates thrill rides, DD8 and DD10 love 'em!

This is my first time with touring plans (and first trip to WDW!) and I’m struggling to figure out how to incorporate “all family” attractions mixed with times during the day when we will need to split up.

We’re doing two MK days. On Day 1, I’ve lined up a BBB appointment for my princess-loving youngest daughter, who hates roller coasters. How can I tell the touring plan that while she’s hitting the castle the others should head to the thrill rides?

In general, is there a way to personalize the plan so that we can have “two tracks” throughout the day if we want to do all-family stuff and then split up so my older kids can do the scarier stuff?

Thank you so much for the help!

I would personally make two touring plans…one for the thrill seekers and another for the non-thrill seekers! Just use the same order of attractions on both plans but when its time to detour put that other attraction in its place. Then evaluate to see if the times work out for you!!