Need help with room choices

Ok 2 adults me and DW 1 child DD 17, 2 ECVs, Preferred king bed and a double at All Star Sports and yes it’s a accessible room. There are only 4 choices so I have a good shot in getting what ever room I request 1 out of 4. 3 rooms have the same view, same room just on different floors. The other is on the 3rd floor and has a pool view. We will have 2 ECVs so one will have to be left out side, if not both. I’m having trouble deciding between the ground floor so I won’t have to deal with ECVs in the elevator and maybe more walk room for other guests to get around the ECVs. Or should I ask for the 3rd floor and pool view.

Here is the 1st floor room.

Here is the 3rd floor room.

Oh the first floor room is in the back so less foot traffic.

Do you know if the accessible room has a tub or a shower? I ask because if it was like our accessible with tub room at ASMu, there is room for both ECVs in the room. The bathroom was absolutely huge. We put one ECV in the bathroom and one between the wall and bed.

As for ECVs in the elevators, well that is a pain in the rear for sure. I’d want one on the ground floor.

roll in shower no tub

Oh, well you may have to put one ECV outside, then, unless the roll-in shower bathrooms are as large. I do still think that the elevators can be a pain.

How could you not ask for that pool view?! That’d be my choice.

Although some report that pool views are noisy (mine never have been, at two different resorts), so that may be a factor for you to consider.

I’m afraid if I ask for the pool view and don’t get it I’ll get the 2nd or 3rd floor back view. I only want to deal with the elevator if I get the pool view. I don’t know how big the elevators are will they hold 2 ECVs?

Could you state that in your room request?

“I would prefer room (pool view) most of all, but if that is not available, a first floor room would be my preference so as to avoid need of elevators.”

I don’t know I’ve never made a room request before, that’s why I need help. Ok maybe I need professional help, but I spent all my money on this trip, so I’m relying on all you wise liners.


Yes, you can change the verbiage in the text of the fax request. Hang on.

Here is a series of screen shots that will walk you through how to make your room request, and will help you find what to change in the verbiage to help you tell them exactly what you’re looking for. Let me know what questions you have! :smiley:

First, go to your dashboard. In the top center you’ll see your next upcoming trip. Be sure you’ve added the resort at which you’re staying. Toward the center, click on the “request room” button.

When you click that, a map of your resort will open up.

Along the left margin you’ll see a bunch of drop-down menus that will help filter down to only those sorts of rooms you want and have paid for. I only want the best, as you can see. Once you click the update button, rooms that fit the bill will appear in red. Click on them to see the view. In this case there’s but one :wink:

The room view will appear. In the upper right hand corner is the “click here to choose this room for your trip” button. Click that.

You’ll be taken back to your dashboard, where you will now see the room number you’ve selected. You will also now have a “configure fax” button. Click that.

The configure room request will open up, and you’ll see the computer-generated verbiage that “matches” your room request. Some have shared that this doesn’t mean a whole lot to CM’s, so you can update that AND add stuff to the box below it. I’ve highlighted what to take out.

Type in what makes sense for your request. Click save and you’re done!


I should clarify that, in the drop downs where you filter room type, it will have the room categories that one can pay for. You should never ask for a category for which you didn’t pay - you’re not going to get it and then you’ll just get whatever the assigner feels like giving you.

It’s occurring to me now to ask @joefishing209 about the room category he booked. Pool view is usually a bookable category but I’m not sure if booking handicap accessible changes that and trumps all categories.

Preferred accessible with a king and double they only have 4 like this, there is no option for pool view at the All Star Sports. (while writing this you had me thinking so I went back to double check).

Preferred Room. Wheelchair accessible with roll-in shower and option for hearing accessibility. 1 king bed, 1 double bed.
View Photos for Preferred Room. Wheelchair accessible with roll-in shower and option for hearing accessibility. 1 king bed, 1 double bed. - Opens a dialog
Views of the Courtyard, Pool or Parking Area
Close to Stadium Hall, Dining, Shopping and Transportation

1 King Bed or 1 Double Bed

Sleeps up to 4 Adults

So pool view is included.

Perfect. Then I would just do as I said further up. Edit the text of the fax so that it says you would prefer that room that overlooks the pool but if it isn’t available you’d prefer a first floor room to another upper level room. I would stress you only want upper level if it’s the one overlooking the pool.

All these decisions are hard it was not this hard to ask my wife to marry me. Ok asking was hard but knowing I wanted to as not.

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Super awesome how close it is to Stadium Hall!

building 10 the closest.

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not 10 1

I just wanted to say, as a newcomer here…you always seem to be extra helpful and awesome!


Aw thanks!! :blush::blush:

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I don’t have any helpful information to add, but I just wanted to say that @OBNurseNH really goes out of her way to help people. She is very knowledgeable and I love hearing all her tips!