Need help with ride order/DAS plan

No hope for Genie+/DAS pre-booking for our 11/4 trip - which is a one day only/park hopping day.

First trip with the hubby and kids - 10 and 8

Starting at DCA and need to get a DAS for our son

Our must do’s are RSR, WEB and Indy. Obviously, we want to do a bunch more, but those three are the musts.

Anyone up for helping me with a rope drop strategy including what time to register for the DAS pass? I hate taking up park time to register, but we understand how needed it is for our son.

We will be walking up from our hotel (Spring Hilll/Convention Center).

Let me know if more info/details are needed from my end. Thanks!

No help, but wishing you good luck! I am planning almost this exact same trip (hotel and all) in December.

Only difference is I’m the one who needs DAS. I am holding out hope for Genie+ with digital DAS before then.

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