Need help with planning my HS day tomorrow bc 3 kids means zero time to be on here planning!

Hey guys! So like the title suggests I need some help figuring out what to do. So far the lines app has not really been that helpful because quite honestly the park has felt pretty crowded most of the time and even optimizing we’ve missed out on a couple must do things because we didn’t get there first and lines got crazy and my three (who we’re referring to while we are here as Bibbidy Bobbidy and Boo) are pretty tolerant but they will not stand around in the heat for an hour at a time. If it was one ride that was going to be an hour it would be one thing but ask him to do it multiple times a day is excessive even for Disney World. Nobody will have fun and that’s not what we’re about this trip! ! All of that to say I’ve attached my plan for Hollywood Studios but even optimising it on trip plans I don’t feel good about getting to everything you want to do. Kiddos are 3 6 and 8 anything I need to add anything I need to take out any idea on what we’re to do it in from anybody who’s here or has been here in the past couple days would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!! :grin:

I don’t see an attached plan and I don’t blame you not wanting to do long hours with a 3yo. I just did WDW with my 2.5yo very active nephew last Jan and he preferred to play with the bugs on the sidewalk to even the playgrounds which are since closed.

What can y’all do in DHS with him/her besides TSM and MMRR? Is he tall enough for Aliens? Are y’all doing rider swap? Shows like Frozen or the Vacation Fun cartoon?

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Okay I’d flip Tower of Terror with Lightning McQueen or if you can rope drop I’d do MMRR and TSL first. There is no Incredibles so you can scratch that.

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Also all the wait times for rides will be longer than what TP says. It’s not working with the covid system. Can y’all get there for the 9:10am opening? If so I’d do that and do MMRR and then proceed with your plan with either ToT or SDD next.

She is 34 inches and yes to aliens! Also frozen is a must do for us. We have a group of seven four adults and three kids so we can definitely Rider swap if that helps with planning

Go to TSL first, unless you can be in the very first people in the park in which case go to MMRR. But honestly I’d go to TSL first, try to be in the park by 9:30. Go to SDD, then TSMM, then AS2. If you can be in the park by 9:30 you should be able to do all of those in the first hour-hour and a half, even with RS. TSL gets very hot. ToT’s queue is shaded for the most part so it’s better to wait there than for SDD, and you will wait 45-60 minutes for it if you don’t go there first or very last.

If you plan to arrive (in the gates) by 9:30 and do:

And then hop into line for MMRR before park close you will wait around 30 min. Then you’ll have all the rest of the day for Muppets, Frozen, ToT, Lightening McQueen.


From my experience last Jan rider swap takes a long time so I’d have something in a backpack to entertain the little ‘un or take him/her for another spin on the saucers. I highly suggest trying to catch the first Disney transportation or getting to the parking lot around 9am (even better walking from Epcot resort or apparently there is a gas station you can get dropped off at with Uber that’s closer than Boardwalk) for that 9:10am opening. That will make a big difference in helping you avoid multiple hour long waits later in the day when it’s hotter. And if you do this you won’t wait long at all for MMRR. Ignore Disney’s wait times too as they are massively overly stated. For example we did SDD right after MMRR and it said 90 min and it was 30. TSM said 60 min and it was 30-35min. We went MMRR (10 min of walking and a tiny waiting), SDD (30 min wait), TSM (30-35 min wait) and alien swirling saucers which said 45 min wait but was 20 min. By then it’ll be hotter and crowded so do an a/c show like muppets and then you’re lunch.

Do they close the queue for MMRR an hour before closing? We rode it first so I didn’t check but TP said they did.

I disagree to ignore Disney’s wait times in HS. They were almost always correct for us in HS. TP’s were correct in Epcot. The only rides in HS that were inflated were TSMM, ST, MFSR. The rest were darn near accurate.


No. We hopped in at like 6:50 on a 7 pm close and waited 30 minutes.


After lunch I’d do frozen and lightning McQueen and I’d save ToT for last. The line fluctuates so pay attention and hop it when it goes down to 35 min which it does. Disney’s wait for that is pretty accurate. It was only 5 min over for us when it said 45 min.

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Yeah it was only accurate for ToT and RnR for us. Pretty dead on but everything in TSL was overstated a lot and MFSR was maybe 10 min overstated but that’s not on the plan.

I agree with Disneygirlmama about if you can’t be there at 910am then do Toy Story Land first in the order she stated SDD, TSM and AS2

When were you there last? We were in HS on the 9th. Gosh it was hot, ha. If we go again it will be in January!

And Mickey and Minnie’s Vacation Fun is a cute short cartoon with no wait you can take little ‘un during a rider swap if needed.


Last Wednesday which i have to think hard for what date that was…ha ha. Um. 14th and heck yeah it was hot. I think I died in the line for RnR when they had us all the way out on Sunset Blvd with no shade in the late afternoon. If this keeps up we need a roof Disney! Ha ha

That queue was miserable. And yes, the Mickey shorts are super cute!

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Also i said to hubby things I’ve learned from this trip…

  1. go to WDW in the winter only…ha ha.

Although we ran the Disney half marathon and my SIL and Brother ran the full marathon and they had to shorten the full it was so hot last Jan so there’s that.

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I love this! Thank you!