Need help with HS/Frozen Plan

Hey guys! We are doing HS at Rope Drop and will prob stay till about 1-2 pm. I plan on doing RR first thing and have FPP for Toy story 9:40-10:40. I want to do only one Frozen activity…either sing along or the trading post. How do I fit this in especially if I have to get tickets for sing along. Should I go get tickets first thing (I’m not riding RR) or does my whole party have to be in line? TIA!!!

Definitely do the sing along. It is great! You will want to go get your tickets pretty early. Someone else will have to chime in on how early or if all in your party needs to be there because had the premium package.

Yes…I was thinking of either coming back for the evening show or doing the 12:30. Does anyone know where to pick up the tickets?

Does anyone know if the whole group has to be present? or how I can find out?

Last I heard, it is on Streets of America, right?
I wonder what time they start handing them out…
And last I heard on Lines, no the whole group doesn’t have to be there…
Folks with more experience than me – does this sound right?