Need Help with FP+ SDD , 7DMT

Hello Everyone. Need some advice for FP+. We were able to modify our existing FP+ and Got SDD and 7DMT. but both of them are for 9pm-10pm. while our other 2 FP+ will be used by 12pm Question is should i try to finish my FP+ before 12pm and try to get a same day 7DMT AND SDD. OR Keep a 9pm FP+.for these hard to get rides. Sounds like at park closing the lines are pretty short anyways. will a FP+ at these park closing times be worth locking up our FP. for the whole day.

how big is your group? People report some success with modifying times…

When are you going? Any interest in rope-dropping either of those rides. I really enjoy them both but, especially at MK thats a hard pill to swallow to not be able to add same day fpp. I think I would chance it and replace it with something earlier.

2 adults 2 children (5yr and 1yr) so we would need to child swap

we are going in Oct. we are considering doing rope drop. just wanted to get others opinion on locking up all our FP+ for a park closing 7DMT

I would absolutely swap out 7DMT…or try to modify. You can get a lot done with FPP at MK. Don’t lock it up all day. Rope Drop would be much better IMO.

I don’t have any experience with the new HS’s rides, so I will let someone else give advice there.

I was at HS on Friday. TSL was empty at RD. We were able to ride SD twice with no wait. Mileage may vary based on crowd levels but both days I was there, 90% of the RD crowd marched into SWGE.

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@jetblast, How early did you arrive at park. are you talking about emh RD 6am or regular park hours.

I also wonder if it was still Dorian-level-low…

I was there for the EEMH.

Definitely but if the trend continues that the majority head to SWGE, TSL will be more manageable at RD.

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@qwert6 I think majority of guest are heading to SWGE at RD . Hopefully this trend continues while we are there. TSL is our must do on our trip. SWGE is a bonus if we get to see it since we can go to disneyland.

@jetblast. Thanks i guess we will plan a EMH and get to the park at 5am. was there a queue to get into SWGE in the afternoon.

Boarding groups were not utilized. It was come and go as you please. Keep in mind the circumstances this week though.

@jetblast thanks. Yes this was a crazy week for the east coast. i will try to get an update a few days before our trip to see if anyone RD HS. Hopefully TSL stays slow and every one heads to SWGE

Keep and try to modify. But don’t expect a sudden morning FP to come up. You may get a 7pm or even a 4pm.