Need help with fast pass suggestions for MK

Hi everyone!

I need some help planning my first MK day. We are planning to go to MK on 2 different days, splitting the park in 2, 1 with Fantasy Land and TomorrowLand and the other one with Adventure land, and liberty square. My 2 DS (10@7) want to do SOMK and the pirate thing also.

What gives me problems is that we have an ADR at BOG at 9:25 am. I tried to change it but no luck. We have the FDDP so Breakfast is good value.And the old princess in me really want to go.

What lands do you think we should prioritize on that first day? What FP would you book in advance and at what time? Do you think I could book a FP before mu ADR? And since the park opens at 9 will I be allowed to enter before rope drop for my ADR?


Your ADR is after park opening so you will not be able to enter prior to park open.

I would RD a top attraction in fantasy land and then go to your ADR. I would FPP starting at 10:30 and try to get 7DMT.

Alot of the detals will depand on what you want to ride in that area.

I honestly would build a plan on TP and optimize, and have it tell you what the best ones would be.


I make my plans based on the TP software, but I never let it pick my FPs for me. The software (at present) doesn’t take additional FPs into account. Because of that, everything FP-related is compromised. Garbage in, garbage out…

Well, you do have to use some thought about what is likely to be available using the day-of availability chart, or just common sense. IE I would never pick a FPP for Philharmagic over one for 7D.

I guess it’s just hard to tell someone what to pick when you don’t know their plan.

Maybe OP could develop a plan and share it, and then we could help.

That’s sound advice. OP, craft a plan and post it here.

I would also say… scrap the BOG. Our first trip, I felt that BOG was a must-do (mind you, I didn’t schedule it for just after rope drop)… now, we don’t even schedule it anymore. It’s wonderfully themed, it’s a hard to get ressie, but honestly… it’s a restaurant. You didn’t put this trip together for a restaurant. 9:30am on a 9am RD day is prime time. Don’t spend it at a restaurant. Spend those precious minutes on Big Thunder Mountain.

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What advance FP would you choose at 60 days for a day at Fantasyland ant tomorrow land and what FP for Frontierland, adventureland and liberty square? and at what time should I take them?

And would you do a Fantasyland,Tomorrowland Main Street plan with BOG or a plan with Frontierland, adventureland and liberty square and BOG? I tried everything to change my ADr but no luck.

Park left: Big Thunder, Splash, and Jungle Cruise.

Park right: 7 Dwarfs, Space, and probably Peter Pan.

I agree exactly with LarrieLane’s FPP list. I would do BOG on the PP/SDMT/SM day… actually I would cancel BOG, but that option doesn’t seem to be on your radar, which is of course up to you. And I would schedule both day’s fast passes asap, as in 9am-10am-11am for the three for both days.