Need help with EPCOT TP for June 2nd 2019 (I Have FPs for Frozen, MS & SE)

Hi Forum Friends,

This is my first time doing a TP for EP and I need your help please! I can’t understnd why it tells me to use my first FP at 9AM? My instincts tell me to RD a tier 1 I dont have a FP for first at 9AM Rope Drop, then to use my first FP before it expires at 10AM. What am I missing? Why is it telling me otherwise when I click optimize?

In the past (before I triedusing the TP plan generator) I would do my plan like this;

  1. RD sorin’ at IGateway
  2. Run to TT
  3. Tap first FP for Frozen before 10:15AM cut off time
  4. Tap 2nd FP for MS at 10:55 (5 mins before 11am)
  5. Tab 3rd FP at SE at 11:55a (5 mins before 12:00pm)

What am I missing, is the TP generator actually giving me a better plan that what I mention in steps 1-5 above?

Please help, super confused!

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anybody out there that can help me? I am trying to understand why the optimizer is telling me to go against common a sense RD plan to RD Sorin

Im stumped. Even with the order TP shows it would make sense to RD frozen and use first fpp for TT instead of a 37 minute wait. I wouldnt think you would wait 37 minutes if you RD’d FEA from the IG. But, switch the order of those 2 (FEA and TT) just to see.

If it says you will wait 37+ minutes even if you RD’d FEA without a FPP, then it makes sense to use the fpp for FEA

I dont use the optimize function. Settings you choose dictates the order.( Ie: less walking, less waiting)

Instead i choose the order of the rides in which i want to ride, then i choose Evaluate, then i look at wait times and choose which rides wait time warrants a fpp.

I think it’s assuming you won’t be front of the pack for it to be an advantage. If you will be sometimes people add a break with the ride on notes… then start plan after that.

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You should definitely RD a tier 1. I’ve had TPs give me really strange results (like enter a park and wait an hour before doing anything). I just ignore and build by own plan with evaluate. I find TPs really helpful for checking my plan for reality and maybe a little bit of comparison, but not to use blindly.

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I was there during a busy period in Jan and liked how my plan worked out. We rope dropped FEA, had FP for TT and two others around 10,11, and 12. Was able to grab day of 4th FP for Soarin at the 1:01 drop time.

It’s telling you to use the first FPP at 9am because you have nothing listed before it and this would give you the shortest queue time. There will be a 30 minute wait at most attractions by 9:15am.

TP is always looking at giving you the shortest queue when it optimizes even if that means running all over the place.

As previously mentioned place a “break” for about 45 minutes at the start of your plan – noting that this is for RD rides. Then place your step #1 at the first post-RD attraction. (The TP will assume you are walking from the entrance to get there. However, I find that to be OK. Those few “extra” minutes allow for a drink or bathroom break or even get you ahead of schedule)