Need help with Epcot Planning

At Epcot Thursday 3/25 hours 11a - 11p

  • Walking from Swan arrive at International at 10a

  • Do they open the IG entrance at 10a for 11a open?
    -Priorities for rope drop are TT and Frozen

  • Is Ratatouille open?

  • What else needs to be a priority?

  • I’ve seen some plans that say to go through WS first then do FW later is this good advice?

  • What are some must do things at EP that would be enjoyed by teenagers?

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I was there in January and entered through the IG. They let us in around 10:15. We headed straight to Frozen and it was a walk on. We actually could have ridden again without much of a wait. Next we went to TT which they didn’t start operating until about 10:50.
I do feel like FW is less busy later in the day.
I have a teenage son who loves going to Epcot during festivals because of all the food.

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Thanks for reply very helpful

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Soarin and Mission Space.
I’d try to do TT and Soarin twice.
Make sure to wait for the front seats for Test track. IMO, the front seats are a different ride altogether. Much more legroom, and better view.

If you want great picture, and if the teenagers don’t think it’s too corny, find the “Imagination Fountains” (I hear them called the “Jumping Fountains” too.) It’ll take a few minutes to get the timing right, but a neat picture is getting the arcs of water shooting over their heads.

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Cool thanks for reply!