Need help with beaches

I know this isn’t Disney related, but I figure some of you may have done this in the past. Some of you also responded to my request regarding whether to spend more time at Disney or go to the beach.
We are driving to Disney and have 7 days planned there. We were going to spend the last two days of our vacation time in Clearwater. I just ran a map search and realized that while Clearwater is only about 90 minutes from Disney, it adds an extra 90 minutes to our drive home. Since we’d have to pass Daytona, Palm Coast, and St. Augustine on the way home, it would actually SHORTEN our drive.
My problem is, I want a nice beach. I usually spend my summer beach trip in Isle of Palms, North Myrtle or somewhere around there, so the water is typically that brown, churned up water, color. I know you have to get close to Ft. Lauderdale before that Caribbean blue color hits, but is the water in Daytona (or that area) any better than SC beaches? If not, I’d almost be better off just going halfway home and going to a beach there. I’ve never been to any beach in Florida, aside from Miami, so I don’t know if the water is really any different on the Atlantic side.
Would it be worth the extra driving to go to Clearwater instead?

I have been to the Isle of Palms, it is a beautiful beach. My husband’s uncle live in Charleston. I have also been to St. Augustine beach which is like Daytona but not as crowded. I have also been to Cocoa Beach which a good beach. It is straight out from Orlando near the port for the cruise ships.

So since you’ve been to all of those, is.the water clearer in Daytona than it is in Isle of Palms? I assume if it isn’t bluer or clearer, then I’m not getting a prettier beach than I would here (NC/SC). I’m just trying to go if it’s nicer than what I’d find another weekend.

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This is a great question, I wondered about this as well. I didn’t know you had to go past Fort Lauderdale to see that crystal blue water. That info is very helpful. I wanted my kids to see that as well, but we are driving from NC so I guess that isn’t going to happen.

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I’m in NC as well, so I am hoping to find something that’s a bit nicer than our beaches here. I know Clearwater is likely to be the best option, but I hate to add two hours to my already long drive home.