Need Help with 4th of July Trip

We are staying at Orange Lakes 6/28-7/4 then we are staying at the Boardwalk Inn 7/4-7/7. We’re doing Universal and water parks our first stay and we have 3 day tickets while at BWI. I did have us stay at GF but decided I wanted to be near Epcot/HS.

My thoughts were where do I watch MK 4th fireworks if I don’t want to be in that park? I really don’t think I can handle the crowds (anxiety issues) at MK. One of my ideas was to get a reservation at the Wave and watch from the 4th floor deck on the 3rd. My concern is will it be too crowded and will it even be a decent view. Is this a good idea? We’ll be in Epcot on the 4th.

I just really want to impress my husband and kids :wink: Thanks!

We went to MK on the 3rd and did not find the crowds all that bad. We didn’t line up super early for the fireworks and had no problem getting a good viewing spot in Main St. more towards the entrance to the park than the hub. It was the best fireworks show any of us had ever seen including other WDW shows. I am sure it would still be great from one of the restaurants that have a good view or, if you can afford the splurge, from the dessert party viewing area. If the normal evening show crowds at WDW are too much for you, then I do think you are wise to stay away. But, if you are worried it will be a much worse crowd than the typical evening shows, then I wanted to share that was not our experience. Honestly, the week of the 4th was a great week. We just made sure to see the MK fireworks on the 3rd and then did a park that wasn’t having a special show on the 4th itself. We did AK on the 4th and it was a great day and definitely no more crowded than other summer days we had been.

I could maybe handle Mk if the dessert party was available but its sold out. I have the reservation finder looking for Cali Grill. I can’t believe I slacked on this.

Sorry! Hoping the reservation finder comes through for you! Have you considered O’Hana? We’ve eaten there and loved it but not tried to watch the fireworks from there.

Thank you! Good idea, we do love O’hana. Only time available is 9:20 right now. Do you think I should keep the Wave?

Never been to the Wave or tried to watch the fireworks from that area so can’t offer help there. But I think keeping any options you have makes sense. You can always cancel later if you find something better.

You can watch from the poly beach for free.

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