Need help w/ which week in December?!

Hello! I’m new to Touring Plans and am excited to use it to plan our next trip. We’ve been to WDW four times before, all roughly the same time (week or two after Thanksgiving). We plan to go around the same time this year and I’m really trying to decide which week would be best…week of December 6th or 13th? We love December at Disney parks b/c of all of the Christmas decorations and general holiday festivities. Both look pretty good crowd-wise and are similarly priced…does anybody have any advice on if/why one would be better than the other?
In 2011 the crowds were super light, and light to moderate in 2012-2013 but a little crowded in my opinion in 2014…we’re flexible w/ either week and just trying to pick the best one!
Thanks! :smile:

During the week of the 6th you might run into MK Christmas parade filming, but that is usually not a big deal. Go with what works best for you!

I went the weekend of December 13-15 this year. I had a blast BUT in EP WS was more crowded than a Saturday night during Food and Wine, and Monday at MK was crazy! I thought the 3rd of July was easier.

I think you’re right about the MK parade filming, we’ve never run into issues w/ crowds on that day. Still trying to commit to one week or the other. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Good to know…according to the crowd calendars it looks like the two weeks are overall pretty similar…I just can’t decide if I should anticipate the first or second week being lighter. I’m guessing the first, (6-13)… Thanks!

I actually emailed TP about their data that weekend. I met three other liners in WS on Saturday. We all had been to WS during Food and Wine, none of us had ever seen crowds like this. Monday, It’s a Small World had 50 minutes waits. It was one of the best trips I have ever had, but crazy, crazy crowds.