Need help to decide whether AP worth it

I am thinking of upgrading my 3-day tix to AP for my May trip as I have another 4-day trip in Nov and 8-day trip next Mar
1–I see lots of people talking about upgrading in the park. Is the only reason to do that if you bought tix from an outside discount vendor? I bought from Disney in a package but I paid before the price increase, should I upgrade before I go or wait until I’m in the park on day 1?
2–For dining, if I buy the AP, can I get dining discount at CG on my first arrival day with a voucher or whatever they give you or do I have to go to a park GS before I use the AP to activate for discount?

After I buy the AP, I have questions about future trips as well.
3–I will be the only one on my trips with an AP (with DH first trip, with friends 2nd trip, with whole family 3rd trip). I know MM is included for AP but will ride pictures of those in my DME friends/family account show up as well or would I have to be there with my own Magic Band?
4–Final question, can I book multiple rooms with an AP discount? We typically get two rooms at moderate for budget purposes (family of 6) as 2-BR are usually 2x cost of 2 moderates. Can I book both with AP discount? And if so, how do I book with one occupant with AP and the others need tickets? Buy tix separately or can I book a package somehow?

I do not think you can upgrade package tickets over the phone?

So, I’d have to cancel package and rebook room without tickets, buy one ticket and AP separately? Disney is so confusing.

If you wanted to do it ahead of time, yes.

If you are willing to wait until you are there, you can upgrade the ticket to an AP and pay the difference at any park or DS guest relations location. It’s a very simple process.

My problem is that I think most of your other questions assume an AP before your trip?

Ah, good point. I missed the AP room discount question. Yes, that I am 99.9% sure you have to have the AP when you check in. Everything else could be after - even if the ADR would mean going to a park or DS guest relations before going.

Just hit up the DS guest relations before going check in.

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Works great if you drive. If you are flying and taking DME not so much.

I got an AP for the first time this year. I can answer these two definitively:

2: Once you arrive, visit your resort concierge or a park ticket window to receive your Annual Passholder Card. With it in hand, you will receive your AP discount on dining, whether you’ve made your first admission yet or not. The AP Card is the only way they check your AP status for AP dining discounts.

3: Memory Maker will be included for all members of your party - as long as they are your MDE “friends” and have shared plans with you.

Just so I completely understand, I can go into the Resort (say, the Contemporary) and get the AP card and everything set up?

Everything I’ve seen thus far suggests that I need to stand in the Park’s Ticket Window in order to do this. Based off previous experience, this is a good way to burn an hour easy so if I can get it done inside the lobby of the hotel or whatever, that’d be awesome!

When I checked into POR in January, the Concierge desk was glad to help me out with the setup of my AP card - except that they didn’t yet have 2018 AP cards yet; I therefore had to take a jaunt over to a park. By now, they should all be holding the current cards.

Just remember, it’s not the Check-in desk, but the resort’s Concierge desk. (which is also not the club-level person).

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That is FANTASTIC news!!! Thank you!!

Just clarifying… Had you purchased the AP and just needed activation and the card?

Because I understood that if you were upgrading that could only be done at a park or DS Guest Relations window.

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I had already purchased and just needed activation.

If you’re upgrading from a ticket, I don’t know if that can be done at your resort, but, if you’re standing in your resort lobby, it can’t hurt to ask - especially if the line for the concierge is short.

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Whoop, yeah I should have mentioned that for my part. My AP is already purchased, I just need to activate.

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Were you able to book FastPasses on your already purchased but not activated AP? How does this impact the start and end date of your annual pass?


Yup had no issues setting up fastpasses. Doesn’t effect anything on the start or end date of the annual pass from what I can tell. Everything acted like I had normal-purchased tickets.

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Did you have success activating your AP at the resort concierge? I will be in a similar situation when I arrive. That would definitely be a win over having to go to Guest Relations.

I’ll find out later today. Will report back. :grinning:

lol, awesome. what a coincidence i asked now! Have an awesome time!