Need Help - Question about losing fast passes if cancel hotel reservation

Asking for a friend… Have annual passes. Booked Coronado Springs as a hotel only reservation and then booked fast passes at the 60 day mark. The trip is 2 weeks away and they’re looking to potentially stay elsewhere. If they cancel their Coronado hotel reservation, will they lose their fast passes even though they’re now inside the 30 day window where they would’ve been able to book them with just park tickets anyway?

Most likely they will lose them, yes. But there have been some mixed reports on SOME PEOPLE “getting away with it”.


Disney will certainly send you an email threatening to delete them - that’s the only constant. However, most reports I’ve seen the past few months don’t have them deleting them. This certainly is a risk. Some people try to “sanitize” them by dropping and re-booking them if availability is still there now. Another strategy I’ve seen (I haven’t heard one way or another whether it actually make a difference) been modifying the reservation into the distant future rather than cancelling it. Others I’ve seen book a campsite for key nights to capitalize on on-site benefits (parking, EMH, Magic Bands) and protect their FPP.

If your friend does cancel the reservation, be sure to report back the results.

FYI … at 2 weeks out your friend is facing a $200 cancellation fee.

Not true for room only.

Agree if it is room only in which case a 1 night penalty kicks in at less than 5 days