Need help planning EPCOT EMH 8AM opening - do they open before 8am to get food?

Im searching this site and having trouble finding info on how to plan my Epcot TP on a day they have EMH opening at 8am. I’m wondering do they let you in the park at 8AM on the dot or a little before? Ideally I would like to grab something for breakfast in the park around 7-730 before jumping on the rides at 8AM. Is that at all possible?

Where will you be entering the park? I know from the International Gateway they hold you inside the park - just to the left of the bridge to France (which is closed) until time for the park to open.

What entrance should I RD Sorin? I am staying at Pop, so I don’t think the bus takes us to international gateway. I tried to price an Uber in advance from Pop to international gateway and the app told me they cant drop off there.

If you want to go in the Int’l Gateway, just get dropped at Beach Club or Boardwalk and walk over. Short walk.

I’d lean toward going in from that gate simply b/c there are likely to be far fewer people. Maybe you could uber to Boardwalk and grab a muffin or something to eat.

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When is your trip?

If it’s before the summer, then you could Uber to either Boardwalk or Beach Club If you want to use the IG.

If it’s not until the Fall there will be the Skyliner to take you to the IG.

However, whether you use the IG or Main Entrance, I don’t think you can get in to any food outlets until 8am. When I had a tour that started registering at 7:30am, we got in obviously but nothing was open, not even Starbucks.

Boardwalk Bakery says it’s open at 6:30 AM. Has anyone stopped to grab something there before Epcot opens? Could be a good option for walking to IG it looks like. (Never been, just looking at a map)

Is it better to have Uber drop you at Boardwalk Inn or Beach club? Is one an easier or shorter walk? (I have kids in a stroller is why I ask)

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Both are 5-10 minutes walk maximum, maybe a few more to get through the lobby and grounds.

Didn’t know that about the Bakery though.

My trip is the first week of June 2019