Need help picking restaurant

Our ADR day is about a month away. Staying for 9 nights with DDP. Thought I had our list of TS all set, but then learned BOG will be a 2 credit TS for dinner. Already planning on doing 2 credit Luau. Family of 5, 2 of the kids kind of picky. Here’s our list so far…what other TS would you suggest?

  1. Luau
  2. Raglan Rd.
  3. T-Rex
  4. Rainforest Cafe at AK
  5. Garden Grill
  6. 1900 PF
  7. Sci-fi

Need 8th selection! Please help!

With the little ones maybe Crystal palace, seems to have wide selection of food regardless of meal time and listed as best buffet in Disney!! Plus who can pass on Winnie and friends!!!

Is there a particular location/park you would like suggestions for? I see you’ve got one HS, one EP, 2 DS, Poly, GF, 1 AK.

I agree Crystal palace would be good (we love it) and it’s MK, which you don’t have any for yet.

Are you looking to maximize dining plan credits?

Yes, any park you prefer? What hotel are you staying at? We loved Boma for breakfast, but were staying at AKL. We thought it had good variety for our picky 2 year old, but also something for more adventurous adults, too. Agree CP would be great for WtP with littles.

Also, breakfast, lunch or dinner?

We are staying at PoR and have 6 days planned through all the parks. Lots of places to try and excited for some new food! Thinking mostly breakfast and lunch and guess it would help if beforehand I had an idea of where to eat and add them to our TPs

If your family likes pizza, Via Napoli in Epcot was a big hit with our family. We loved Ohana as well.

If you’re on the DDP try BOG for lunch or breakfast it is still QS but you do need a ADR. Tusker House, Ohana, are good choices.

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So we are staying at AoA. We did a trip last May where we did Ohana, CP, Tusker, GG, BOG breakfast, Hollywood and Vine, TRex. While my husband and I loved CP, the kids only insisted on repeating TREX and GG. I would love to find something in MK, but not overly excited about their TS options for our family, would much prefer the QS there like Caseys corner or Columbian Harbor. We don’t rent a car, so must take Disney transportation, so really for convince sake, we like to stick to monorail loop, parks or DS.

Maybe we’ll have to tell the kids “tough cookies” and do CP again

Also open to all meal times

I’m not a fan of CP. Our one visit there was hands down, our worst meal on property. We had awful wait staff and horrible character interaction.

That said, I agree that MK has pretty slim pickings for family friendly TS options.

Our two favorite buffets are Tusker House (any meal) and 1900 Park Fare. 1900 PF has two very different character sets for breakfast and dinner, but both are excellent (and we love the strawberry soup).

If you are looking for more options during an MK day, check out Kona at the Poly for breakfast, Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge, and I hear great things about Trail’s End at Fort Wilderness. All are just a short boat ride away.

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California Grill? Personally I would do more 2 table service credit places with the DDP, but I understand going to places the kids would enjoy.

I agree with minniemouse27 and their suggestions for an MK day. Haven’t eaten at Trail’s End, but Kona Cafe and Whispering Canyon Cafe are good options. Whispering Canyon is fun, especially if the kids are willing to play along with the joking/ribbing/antics the servers dish out.

I think we are going to check out Trails End and do Chip and Dale’s Campfire singalong while we are there. Kids will love that! Thanks for all your suggestions!

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