Need help linking reservations in MDE

We booked two BB offers on our last trip - one in my husbands name (for our family) and the other in my name (for BILs family). So I’m not staying in the room that is booked in my name and to complicate matters my SIL is in that room and she and I have the same name.

When I try to link the other reservation (the one in my name) MDE wants to put me on that room instead of SIL.

Should BIL/SIL set up an MDE account and link the reservation to it first and then I add them as my family/friends? I think this will allow me to do all dining and FP+ reservations, but will it get messy with payment (I intend to pay for the room/dining plan/tickets but not incidentals once we get there)? Or is there a better way to do this?

I would have them link it. Have they set up an account yet? Is there a different middle initia! You can add to one account?

We had the identical situation with MDE and Principal is correct. My DIL had to set up a MDE to link all the reservations. Struggled with it until we called tech help. About the incidentals, unless they chnaged something in the last 2 years, I made all the ADR under my Credit Card to HOLD the reservations. When we checked in at the desk each party (there were 3 of us in 3 rooms) assigned their own card to their Magic Band.

Other might have to verify that if that is true.

EDIT: they were 3 persons in 3 different rooms.

Thanks. It’s a surprise trip so they don’t know that we’re going yet, but I am planning to tell them before we need to do ADRs and FP+ reservations. We have the same middle initial as well, but different middle names so I will just go that route (which is what I had to do for for the airline tickets). In hindsight I should have put my husbands name on their reservation instead of mine. I wonder if I can change that now?

You can call and ask? Explain it messing everything up.