Need help in choosing the park

It’s the same from either way.

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Can I expect Morning EMH to be changed to Evening EMH for April 12th?

Right now there’s no way to know what the hours will be like at DHS going forward. There’s never been a Land and attractions as popular as SW:GE / RotR. Plus, another new ride Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway is opening March 4th. This will add to the crowds / chaos.

DHS has been changing the hours week be week. I know this can be frustrating. Make your plan as if there isn’t going to be extended hours. Then if they are available that’ll just be a nice cushion of time to do more.

DHS seems to have evening extra magic hours Feb and March and Morning Extra magic hours starting April.

As per touring plans it shows FPs available for my dates which is updated around 2AM EST on 2/6. But when I woke up and tried to book all the good ones available after 5 or 6 pm only. Did it become crazy today morning only? Is arriving Monday? Feel down after several hours of planning for several days to decide FP ones and the time I would want. I have started to hate disney already.

Need a vacation to overcome to vacation incurred for Disney planning. Vacations should be fun but Disney is not. In that aspect Universal is much better. When I visited them in California I felt rides better than Disneyland and less crowded. Chose WDW this time just for kids :frowning:

I have split stay but continuous but FP does not show up for the days of 2nd resort. Is there a way to merge the reservations? So only one park FP booking pending and looks it may be get delayed if I am not able to merge. Any help?

The Touring Plans feature that shows available FPP is only for 1 person, with no way to change that to multiple people. So the availability you saw would not cover your party size. There is a UK based site that shows availability for more than 1, not sure what it is called though. The Dibb maybe? Anyway, sorry you found out after booking FPP that the touring plans feature is not useful for determining what is available.

There is no need to merge the reservations, if you have a split stay between 2 onsite hotels (and not a Disney Springs hotel that has the 60 day FPP perk), it will automatically have 1 FPP day and you can book the whole trip. There cannot be any nights between the stays, one stay must end on the same day another starts. I hope it started working for you.

It is Disney Swan and a Disney spring hotel which offers 60 days FPP. reserverations back to back but still not able to book FP for the days on 2nd hotel.

It’s the Disney Springs hotel that is causing this. You get 60 day fastpasses, but can only book 1 day at a time, not for all days of your trip like if it was a regular onsite Disney hotel. You will need to switch that stay to an onsite hotel (not Disney Springs partner hotel) to get your window to open to make the rest of your FPP.

Hey! Looks like, somehow, when you’ve been reply to messages you have been replying to yourself. So I didn’t get any notifications / see any of this until today.

Planning for a first time WDW trip can be frustrating. WDW is the roughly the same size as San Francisco, California. It’s like going to a major city for the first time. Again, I strongly encourage you to get a copy of The Unofficial Guide to WDW or at least go to YouTube and watch as many trip planning videos as you can. On YouTube I can recommend:

Touring Plans
DFB Guide
Jen Laforge

You can find 1,000s of videos by searching “DisneyWorld Trip Planning”

The more information you have the easier this will become. I know it’s hard to find time to do all this “homework”, but you are investing thousands of dollars into your trip. I’m habitually saying to do this to make sure you don’t walk away feeling it was wasted. My offer to look over your plans one-on-one through messaging still stands & I’m happy to do it.

If you want me to look at your TP, here’s how to do it:

To do so, click on your plan. In the large gray box, at the top of the page & before all your activities, click Edit. A pop-up window will appear. You originally saw this when making the plan with dates & times. Right above the blue “Save” button you’ll see a check box next to “Publish this plan”. Check that and you’ll be taken back to the plan. Now in the large gray box, at the top, you’ll see a link that you can click / copy & paste

It looks like Disney just announced, today, this will be happening.

This is going to be true. WDW gets a vastly higher number of visitors from all over the world. Disneyland tends to be for people who live on the West Coast or mainly from U.S.

Yes. It is called The Dibb. Here it is:


This is not true. We always book split stays, this past trip over New Years was a 3 way split (all onsite), and have always been able to book all days of FPP 60 days out from first stay. ADRs have separate windows, but FPP do not.

Oh! I confess I’ve never done one. I am only going off what I’ve heard / read. I’ll edit to fix. Thanks for letting me know. :smiley:

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It is an odd thing, since ADRs have separate windows so it would seem likely that FPP would too. But Disney likes to keep us on our toes and make nothing consistent. :laughing:

Is there a 15 mins grace time for fastpass window?

I am planning note to rope drop for Epcot on April 7th. Enter at 10 am and cover Soarin and Test track later in the day and evening EMH. will that work? How much of waiting time can I expect for these rides during Evening magic hours?

Yes. You can arrive to your FPP 5 minutes early and up to 15 minutes late.

The best way to know that is if you make a personalized touring plan. According to earlier in this thread, 5 days ago, you said you have made your own touring plan. You should be able to use that to know the answer… :smiley:

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Worked all of last week and weekend and finished the personalized plan. Looks like I should be able to cover in the EMH.

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With the panic of Coronovirus spreading around, I am unsure what will happen to my upcoming trip. I guess the theme park tickets are not refundable and my hotel reservations and flight tickets too. What would happen if WDW closes as it has done in Tokyo? Would we get refunds?