Need help! Getting to an early morning dining reservation

What is the best way using Disney Transportation to get from the Port Orleans French Quarter to a Dining Reservation at Beach Club at 8:10 am on Thursday, October 18th?

I think my only option is bus to Epcot since it has Extra Magic hours in the morning and transfer to a Beach Club bus from there. Any other ideas? Don’t want to pay for Minnie Van Service or Uber.

What time does HS open?

Not until 9 am

I am not confident on the BC bus? Do you have the ability to enter EP with a park ticket? If you do, I would just walk through. If not, I would get the breakfast bus to HS and walk/boat from there.


Would Epcot even be open to walk through for an 8:10am reservation? I’m not even sure I’d be confident in the bus to HS and walking over. I’d probably just budget for a Lyft or Minnie Van.

Edit: Just saw Epcot has EMH. But that’s at like 8, right? That would have to be some SUPER fast walking to get from the main entrance to the IG entrance and then to the Beach Club even by 8:10…and most places want you to check in 15 minutes early. I’d Lyft or Minnie Van.

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You never have to be there right at 8:10!

@katymag7, said no minivans or Lyft. I think these are the only options if you exclude minivans/Lyft ?

Interesting. I guess that’s why places get backed up - people thinking they can be late to an ADR. I know there are some places (granted generally the more popular ones like BOG or 'Ohana that don’t have a grace period.

I guess I’m weird in that if I wasn’t willing to pay for Lyft or a Minnie Van, I wouldn’t make an ADR for so early getting there on time would be an issue.

There is always a 15 minute grace period. I remember when they used to ask you to arrive 15 minutes early. Now they often will tell you to come back.

An 8:00 EP opening should get you to Spaceship Earth before 8. They usually rope drop and get you to the tier 1s around opening? I woukd expect about 10 minutes from the Soarin drop spot to IG? Then another 5 minutes? To be there on time the 6:30 bus to HS would make it time wise, but do the boats run at 7:00? That is a great walk but @katymag7 does not say if there are children.

Interesting - I never knew there was a grace period for being late to an ADR. I was always raised that on time is late, so I’ve never put myself in a situation to test it. We can just agree to disagree on using it where it exists (I’ve read multiple accounts of some of the more popular places NOT allowing any leeway). :smiley: For me, that time frame would be too tight (and depend on all the transportation working flawlessly which is rare) without being willing to spend the money on a Lyft or Minnie Van. Personally, if it were me and I wanted to rely on Disney transportation and my feet (and I walk fast) I’d try to modify it to an 8:30 or even 8:45 ADR - especially if there are children (which you are right, is not specified) or people who are more mobility challenged and don’t move as fast in the party.

Lol, I just try to answer the questions as asked. I am always early so I personally would get the breakfast bus to HS and then walk. I also rely on Lyft for resort to resort transportation but I will respect, support and problem solve other options when asked.


Thanks everyone. I think we will just Lyft or Minnie Van to be safe.


It will save you so much time!