Need help from international travelers

I have a quick question for Liners that travel internationally. We are flying from the US to Germany and back. We are flying on “Carrier A” operated by “Carrier B”. Do we follow the luggage restrictions for A or B. I am worried about size and weight. Planning on bring back lots of souvenirs.

follow the restrictions of the carrier you are actually flying on from my experience or to be safe the most restrictive of them both.

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I flew on a BA flight operated by American but had researched a few others.

Yep, you need to check both, but the important one is who is operating the flight.

Code shares like that are an agreement between companies, but the actual operator of the flight is the one you check in with, drop luggage with and fly with. Their restrictions are crucial.

Especially for those of you used to US airlines. European airlines can be much more restrictive about any bags you take with you onto the plane. They often check weights and actual sizes; it may say max dimensions of 25x40x30. If your bag doesn’t fit into one of the “cages” you can’t take it on, even if it’s 10x15x50.