Need help doing my first Fast Pass

Getting ready to make Fast Pass reservations for the 1st time in a couple day and I need some help
30 days is coming up faster then I thought

Not staying on property so we are doing the 30 days out reservations.
Going July 3 and 4th so would I do do July 3rd reservations and then the next day do the reservations for July 4th or could I do both on the 1st day available for the trip?

Going with 2 families. 7 people in total. 3 adults in 1, and 3 adults and 1 child in the other

I have my own MDE account.
So I could make my own Fast Pass reservations but do all 7 individuals need to make a MDE account to make reservations?

Would like to make all the initial reservations for the 7 people and then let them make any changes they want, and be able to add when at the park later

Thanks for any help

When you are 30 days out from your first day, you can make reservations for your entire trip, including later days, so you will not have to go back the next day and make the reservations for the next day. You can make them all at one time.

Edited to add: You can only make reservations for additional days if you are staying onsite! Disregard the bit above!

To make reservations for other people, they have to be linked to you in your MDE account. I made reservations for my family of 7 because they are all listed as my “Friends and Family” in MDE.

If they are not listed as your Friends and Family, hurry up and do that so you can make their reservations!

So each person has to make their own MDE account first and then link it to mine?

No, you can make it for them. (I made the accounts for my family members as I knew there was no way they would do it. LOL) However, my adult step-daughter already had a Disney account with one email and I created a new one for her with her other email address. This caused some confusion and we had to spend some time transferring things between her old account and the one I had set up for her. So maybe ask your friends and family if they already have a Disney account and if so, use that email for them if you need to enter an email address.

This was just my experience, how it worked for me. I assume it will be the same for you.

No you can manage everyone in your account but if someone already has an account then you need to link them. @anfony have all the tickets been loaded and linked in MDE?

Also off site would require logging in each day at 30days to make your FP. Only if you are a resort guest can you make FP for the length of your stay.

Oh, good to know! My mistake! Ignore what I posted above!