Need help deciding which days, which parks, and also which day for Plaza Breakfast

We are going Sep 12-14 (Tues, Wed, Thurs). Crowd predictions on Tues and Wed are 2 for DL and 4 for CA. Crowd predictions for Thurs are 2 and 2. Not staying on site, so no Extra Magic Hours, but do have the one Magic Morning. I’m trying to figure out a) which days to go to which parks based on the fact that some people do have Extra Magic Hours on some days, and b) which day to do Plaza breakfast since the earliest time appears to be 9:40, so we’ll be missing touring for the first hour of that day. I’m not sure if it matters if we start our touring at 11-ish after breakfast, while on-site guests were able to get in at 9? Or would it be better to have breakfast on a day when there’s no EMH? Or will the crowds be so low that it doesn’t matter?

We will have a daughter who may (or may not) be 40 inches at the time, so we are hoping for RSS at the very least. Not sure if she will like TSMM or GoG, I am planning on showing her ride videos. Any advice on when to pull Fast Passes for these? Not sure if we would be able to pull one before breakfast?

Hey there we are going at the end of August for Tues to Thurs visit as well August 29-31. They just released hours for the Tuesday and it is MM at DL.

We are doing DCA on Tuesday because Wednesday is likely to be the early entry at DCA (for people staying at Disney resorts) which means big lines when we get there already for all the things we want to ride. So we will do DCA on Tuesday, DL on Wednesday and then use our MM over at DL on Thursday.

As far as the breakfast goes my advice would be to do a late breakfast so it is more like a lunch. Then you get to see the characters but also get early morning touring in. I checked on the Thursday the 14 and they look pretty open even early.

If you build your own touring plan it will tell you when to get FP.


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General opinion is to start at the park that doesn’t have early entry when you don’t have it. Though with DCA, it’s only Disney resort guests, so it’s not as much of an early crowd as you’ll find at DL. But you’re still arriving in the park with folks already in lines and pulling FastPasses.

As Stewart136 said, I’d say to either do your Plaza Inn breakfast later in the morning, or not on your Magic Morning day so you can maximize those morning hours. Even with regular rope drop, arriving as early as you’re willing will pay off later in the day. Lines are much shorter in the morning, early entry or not.

If you’re planning to ride GoTG, get in line or get a FP right away. Next, grab your RSR FP. TSMM FPs are much easier to come by, and seem to have a much shorter window for riding after you pull (whereas you may need to wait a bit for your GoTG or RSR FP window).

Have fun and happy planning!

Well, they have now closed the Plaza Inn for 2 of the 3 days we are there. So we have to do Minnie breakfast on Thursday. I’m currently sitting on an 8:10 reservation (with Early Entry being 8 am) and a 10:30. I’m leaning to toward keeping the 10:30 and using my Magic Morning to get in at 8. DCA closes early this day, so I’m worried that the crowds at DL will be bigger. I am going to upgrade to hoppers when I get there so we can try to avoid any crowds if possible. Thanks!