Need help choosing resort, please! AKL, POFQ, or POL?

Ask on the chat. There are a number of liners who have booked VERY nice standard rooms that actually do have some animal views.

You’re absolutely right about this. You and I have an unabashed love for AKL I’ve noticed!

I only had 1 occasion where we waited a rather long time for an MK bus but the other 20 times we used the system it was efficient and pleasant (not crowded!).

My plan, hopefully sooner rather than later, is to buy a resale DVC for AKL. I need to be there!

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Zebra Domes

Twinsies :wink:

Probably a couple of years out, but someday…

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I just have to jump in! WL is nice but it is NOT AKL!

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Room 4328 is where I ended up. It’s “Standard view” because it has a pen in front. But those are real giraffes, and we could see them plain as day! Had a whole parade of them one night!


Oh, thank you!

Room 4218!


If you were planning on a bunch of MK or park hopping back to MK at night a lot, then maybe that would be a lean for WL as the boat to MK is a relatively short trip (it wasn’t affected at all by construction in Dec.). While I read a ton of concerns about travel from AKL, we didn’t experience it when we stayed there. The bus trips felt about the same from there as from the other resorts we’ve stayed at.

My son was 7 when we stayed at AKL and he loved the pool. The slide was fine for him at 7, but he’s on the adventurous side.

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