Need help choosing epcot dining


Going to eat at la hacienda, (hoping for fireworks view) and via napoli

Need 1 more reservation, traveling with DW, 2 DD 4 yrs old, options im thinking about are:

  • coral reef
  • garden grill
  • teppan edo

Any one have any suggestions?



Chip and Dale, farmer Mickey and Pluto are fun, especially since you have little ones...


They are in the Garden Grill....


I agree with @katmomi. Garden grill will be fun since your kiddos are young.


One more vote for the Garden Grill, but you should be aware they can run behind on seating/slow meal if you reservation is later in the seating. We were seated 45 minutes late 2 weeks ago for our 7pm res. I later heard late seating is not uncommon there. We weren't done until 9, which was not at all what I was expecting -- I was pretty annoyed to be rushing out for fireworks. Make an earlier reservation and you should be ok.


thanks for the input!!!


Another vote for Garden Grill. Great food and great character interaction.


Garden grill is definitely on my list for our next trip. I've done Tepan Edo, and it was fine, but it wasn't unique. Living in a decent sized city, I found it to be no better than any local teppanyaki joint. Same tricks, jokes, food.