Need help.advice staying off site first time in a long time

Since we plan to take a few friends down with us we decided to rent a house this time instead of multiple hotel rooms not necessarily for the cost savings but more for the space. I am stressing over a number of things for it is the first time in a long time probably 20 years since we stayed off site. Three of us have APs the other five have 7-day park hopper‘s, we have one teenager with us who has never been to Disney. I have been in full planning mode the last few weeks (decided last minute to go at Easter) searching ADRs and penciling in touring plans. A little nervous about getting FPP’s but I think I have that under control. We will have a car so most likely driving to the park every day. I guess I need opinions about a few things noted below and any Liner advice you care to offer.

1). Even though we rented a car should we Uber it to the parks; will need 2 cars
2). Easter Sunday we have brunch reservations at the WAVE. We plan to go to early mass 8 o’clock then 9 o’clock brunch. can we park in the contemporary or should we just Uber that morning? I’m afraid of getting over there and being turned away to park which will infuriate my DH.
3). Most likely we will only have lunches and a few dinners this trip, we didn’t get tables in Wonderland card last year mainly due to their 45th anniversary discounts, is it worth getting for this trip or should I just use my AP and/or Disney visa discount?
4) A little worried about FOP FPPs but listening to all the advice just going to rope drop early and hope for the best; any additional advice is greatly appreciated.
5) anyone rent a home in reunion resort opinions please; already done deal but any watch outs I should be concerned about.

Thanks in advance

I’m renting a place in Windsor Hills in a couple of weeks. I’ve only been to Disney once before and stayed at the Beach Club, but I’ll try my best to answer your questions based on my research.

  1. I would drive. That’s what I am doing. It is quicker than taking Disney transportation and easy to park hop. The only annoying thing is you can’t drive to the MK. You have to go to the TTC and take the monorail from there. My group is renting two cars as well. The second car will give us more freedom and is cheaper than renting a van.
  2. From what I’ve read, you can park at a hotel if you having dining reservations for up to three hours. Some people push it and seem to get away with parking all day for free.
  3. One of the bonuses of staying in a house is the ability to cook for ourselves. It will save a lot of money and stress from running around with dining reservations. I’d keep things open/casual when it comes to eating and pass on pre-committing too much, but that’s also my personality. Some people are less stressed if everything is planned out to the minute.
  4. I wasn’t able to get FP+ for FOP initially, but then some opened up. Our plan is to do rope drop and you pretty much have to do that if you want to do NRJ as well.
  5. Sorry, not where I’m staying.

We valet parked our car the day we had adr at Grand Floridian. It cost 25$ but it was well worth to us for the convenience. If you valet you are welcome to leave car all day and visit park. We were told that by people valet parking our car. Also if you plan to go to another resort later in day the valet ticket is good all day at any resort. At least this was how it worked at GF. I assume it is the same at contemporary