Need full truth about booking at 7 months

Hi all -

After much careful thought and a ton of research, I am close to taking the DVC plunge (unless my tax returns catch me by surprise and we owe a lot of money.) I know for sure that I am going to buy at Animal Kingdom. If for no other reason than when I discuss buying DVC with my DH, this is the place he gets genuinely excited about.

While my family of 3 does well at studios, I also am planning on having enough points to get 1 bedrooms. If we get DVC, I want our Disney vacations to be homey and comfortable and I known1 bedrooms have better availability.

So here are my questions:
I know that for part of our stays I would like to be at BLT, Poly, BWV or BCV. How hard is it to get 1 bedrooms (or the more expensive studios at Poly) 7 months out? In December? And during the rest of the year? Should I buy a smaller contract at one of these? I won’t buy BWV or BCV because of the expiration date but would consider the other 2 if necessary.

As a liner, I know how to be online the second I need to be and to work the waitlists. I just want to have realistic expectations going in.

Also, I have seen the DVC availability charts on the Dis boards. Very helpful, but would love to hear your actual experience.


December is tough, even for 1 bedrooms. I just looked for the first full week in December and there is limited availability 10 months out. Other times of the year will be much easier and if you are willing to grab one or two nights it will be easier.

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So your recommendation is: if you want a December trip, be ready to stay at AKV the whole time. But for other times of year, if I am looking for 2-3 days, I should be okay (as things are working now)?

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Yes, and you might be able to find something for a couple of days in December but I would always grab that 11 month home booking first.

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Thank you! I am really trying to go into this with full knowledge. On one hand I am excited to have a family commitment to Disney vacations - on the other, I need to have honest expectations for everyone.

I am buying enough for an every other year trip. We will see whether that expectation is honest :slight_smile: but we will cross that bridge when we get there!

Lol, I think everyone always wishes they had more points! A 1 bedroom at AKL should be something you can count on. Plan for the Kidani savannah views (2 bathrooms!).

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Oh, I missed that there were 2 bathrooms on the Kadani side. That is a big win! Do you feel like you have easy access to the food at Jambo? We love Sanna, but QS is important too.

The QS breakfast at Sanaa is solid. Jambo is a walk but easy to get to.


I just looked at that breakfast menu - it is everything my “hot breakfast” loving DH could want :heart_eyes:

Thank you for your help. That really helps me finalize a decision. Now to file my taxes!

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The walk to Jambo is not terrible, but also all the park buses stop at Kidani first. You could also take the first park bus to come to Jambo and get off and then either walk back or just take a bus to the parks from there.

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The only 1 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms are Bay Lake and Kidani, I wish more had that, but I guess that’s how they get you to rent a 2BR for more points

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This is so true! Those 2 bathrooms at Poly studios are the height of luxury!

My DH and I share a bathroom with my DD. As she gets older having an extra bathroom will definitely add to the feel we are on vacation!

No wonder Poly and BLT are my other choices!

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Just wanting to share my limited experience but I’m looking to book a 1-bed in late Oct of this year at 7 months (so in a few weeks!) and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the availability. We’re actually hoping to stay at OKW or AKL so not really tough locations, but there are openings at the higher point views at almost all of the resorts if I wanted. Probably even more flexibility if I was interested in a split-stay or wanted to waitlist.

I think that some of the key is date flexibility. If you can be flexible and have points for a 1-bed, then I think you can pretty much stay anywhere. If you only want a studio and it has to be a very specific week, then you are much better off buying at that location.


Or the shuttle, which seems to be forgotten about often.


Loved this topic thread! Our home DVC is Aulani (new members) and we want to take our son & daughter-in-law (when he gets home from deployment) to WDW in December. Watching availability for two beds and it’s getting less and less… maybe January would be a better time. We don’t care where we stay but will have to book out at 7 months. What are other’s experiences… wait list, 2 night here and there changing rooms during a week stay etc. Thanks!