Need Feedback on my Touring Plans

Can anyone provide feedback on these two touring plans for me? First timer going with 2 toddlers.

What time would I need to leave Contemporary to get to these parks at the 9am start time of the plans

AK From Scratch.pdf (728.8 KB)
HS From Scratch.pdf (1.3 MB)

Are you getting the extra FastPasses with club level? You seem to have a lot of them. :slightly_smiling_face:

You are planning to get the extra FP, from what I can see, after you have scanned your 3rd, and so on FP. There is no guarantee you will be able to get any additional FP after the 3rd and if you do, not when you are looking. I would make a plan that only has the FPs that you know you will get and let the system give you what the times might be without. After that, use the lines app to update as you go.
A few other things, the KS, for the first attraction actually you won’t need a FP as this should be a walk on so I would look at another attraction for your FP.
The HS plan, you won’t be able to use the FP for Frozen sing along, as you are arriving just as the show starts. The FP is for 11:00 - 11:15am and after that it is the normal line. You might want to try things differently as there is a chance you might miss the showtime and be standing there for almost an hour. Maybe do the 10:30 Frozen Sing Along, then do Beauty & the Beast for the 11:00 show, then do the Little Mermaid FP for 11:40am. I say this because you are more likely to be let in right at 11am for Beauty & the Beast than right at the 11:00 Frozen Sing Along. This is from my experience.

She has 6 though. I think she may have club level.

In any case, I think you should leave for your nap right after Navi. 150 min for a nap including travel time isn’t nearly enough. But if you leave the park around 1, get back to your room at 2 or so, you’ll want to be at your bus stop at about 3:30 to make your Nemo FP. Plan about an hour door to door for transportation. It may be less, but that’s a good rule of thumb.

Also I’d leave your room about 7:30 for rope drop. That’ll get you there in plenty of time, as you probably want to shoot to get to KJ a little earlier than 9:22 (which is totally possible) because you’re cutting it a little close for Lion King. You want to shoot for getting to shows 10-15 minutes before.

Actually, if you look at the notes on her touring plan for AK, she says to book the next FP when your inline for the previous one. This is in the 3 additional ones listed.

Ah good point, missed that.

Thanks everyone for feedback. I definitely need to increase break time to allocate an hour. I’m going to need to eliminate something at AK. Any suggestions what to dropthst will actually help the schedule?

I would leave for naptime right after lunch. Skip Navi unless you happen to get a fp and dance party.

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You should not need a Fastpass the first hour you are there.
I would do: 1.) Safari 2.) Gorilla Falls 3.) FOTLK 4.) Discovery Trails 5.) Oasis Exhibits 6.) Walk to pandora and do whatever Fastpass you can get 7.) Satu’ll for Lunch 8.) Leave for a nap

I would skip Maharajah Trek and do it only if time permits. Update your plan and see what the times look like!!