Need feedback on my first attempt to make a TP

I was so intimidated by the idea of making TPs, but reading everything here at Forum as well as following the chat for the past few months has really paid off. I am pretty pleased with my first attempt at making a TP. Still, I would love feedback. I am particularly having trouble with the following:

  1. How can I either move an attraction to a time I want it, or add an attraction into an already optimized plan? For example, I’d like to either move BTMRR or add a second ride on BTMRR for 10 pm during fireworks. I was able to move things around before I optimized, but now I drag and drop but the attraction goes back to where it was.
  2. Similarly, how can I add in an attraction at a specific time, for example after the 42 minutes of free time between 7DMT and BOG?

FWIW, I’m travelling with DH and DS16, we’ve been to WDW multiple times (tho not in the last 8 years), and so we’ve chosen to skip parades and fireworks in order to ride then instead.


I think after you drag and drop you use evaluate… Optimize will just put it back where it was.

Correct after you drag and drop, which can only be done on a computer not iPad, use evaluate instead of optimize. Fill in free time same way either moving attractions up or adding new

If you want to put an attraction at a specific time, schedule it as a break. Make sure to allow enough time for it based on the Wait Time prediction for the date/time in question, plus walking time.

Thanks for the input. @brklinck, that was particularly helpful to suggest I look at the wait time prediction for the date/time in question. That had not occurred to me. There are so many helpful resources at this site, but sometimes so many that I don’t use them all! Thanks.