Need Fast Pass Help, Please

On my FPP 60 day window opening at 7:00 am, is it possible to have MDE
open on two different devices in order to make selections any faster?

Yes. I just made dining reservations using my phone and my computer. I almost used my iPad as well. Last time I did FPP, I also did this. I used my home computer and my work laptop at the same time.


I did this with the website and the iOS app. That worked fine.

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Thank you SO much! This 73 yo grandmother is going to lean on support from teenage grands to help with this part of our Thanksgiving 2018 trip! They are much quicker and more tech savvy than me! We have a party of 11. Would splitting up party help with FPP? Our travel agent did this with ADR on a couple of hard to get reservations.

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I wondered this same thing about splitting up a larger party. We are a party of 8 and while I am doing all of the planning and ADR/FPP, I worry that between the general Disney tech issues and having a larger party that it might hinder getting the most in demand FPP. Wondering if it is better to enlist my fiance to log in simultaneously and try to coordinate FPP or just book what I can and work on modifying??

I’ve used my MDE and husband will use his MDE account. We each tackle different days.

My DH and I did that as well. He worked on the DHS days trying for SDD, I was on AK and FOP.

I have only set up one MDE for our party of 11 and included three hotel Poly confirmation numbers and all our ADRs. Should we open another MDE?
You are all so helpful. Thank you!

Personally, I would have others have their own MDEs. Unless you plan on staying together the whole time, others will want to make subsequent FPs after the first three. I wouldn’t want them to mess up my plans. I would not want to have to make all those plans for everyone. No good deed goes unpunished–ha ha!

So I guess we need to establish another account, or maybe two since we have 3 families in our group. Right now all are on one. This is is great!

We have three families going so I have an MDE account and my fiance has one as well. Then we had each of the other two families set up an MDE account. I am managing all of the reservations for everyone since no one else has been to Disney before but having separate accounts also allows magic bands and luggage tags to be sent to each family. In our case, we all live in different states so it was better to have them set up their accounts. You can link the accounts though so you can make reservations for everyone and if they don’t want to access them, they don’t have to.

My wife and I both log in to our own individual MDE account on whichever device we like and we tag team the FPP reservations that way. One of us starts at the day of the trip and works towards the last day while the other starts on the last day and works towards the first day if that makes sense. I have never tried to do two devices on 1 account at the same time.

I will open another account or should I open 2 so each individual family has their own account? Am I understanding correctly that I can add all 11 of us on each MDE account and link dining reservations as well? Should I just add each family’s hotel confirmation for their specific account? Maybe this is why I can only start online check-in on DH and my room and cannot begin online check-in for the other two rooms. Thank you again for your help!

Personally, I would have each family have their own account. I would never be able to relax and have fun if I had to manage everyone else’s plans while I was at Disney.

LOL - I am going to give this a try.

Yes, this is the way we did it. Once each MDE account is opened (in our case, we just did one account per family) then you enter the hotel confirmation for each party in the corresponding MDE and then you can add each other as friends so you can all see what the plans are. When you book an ADR or FP, you can book easily for everyone or they can do their own if they prefer.