Need book recommendation for solo TS dining


Gonna have a solo table service meal in MK next week. I'll need a book! Any recommendations? Disney-related nonfiction would be awesome, but I'm open to others. Something that would be cool to be reading in the park? Thanks!


There was a series called kingdom keepers that was based in MK, but it might be a little young.


Here's some to try,
40 years in a mousetrap, my WDW career by David G Ackert
The ride delegate, memoir of a WDW VIP tour guide, by Annie Salisbury
Would you like magic with that? Working at WDW guest relations by Annie Salisbury
Murder in the Magic Kingdom, a novel by Annie Salisbury
A historical tour of WDW by Andrew Kiste
The hidden magic of WDW (2nd edition) by Susan Vaness
My son age 22 tried the Kingdom Keepers books and they are definitely more for younger readers.
Happy reading :grinning:


Thanks for confirming. I haven't actually read them so I want 100% sure about the intended audience


Peter Pan. The book is awesome.