Need BOG Breakfast Experts!

Good morning Liners!!

My November trip is going to be my first time going to breakfast at BOG and I was able to get a 9am ADR when MK opens at 9am.

Will there be a way I can get into the park early so I can be there BY 9am?

Also, if I am able to get in about 15 minutes early, is there anything preventing me from riding 7DMT quickly before I go to BOG? TIA!!

Yes, you will be let into the park early if you show them your reservation. Some people get reservations for an hour before rope drop! While you would be let in early, the different lands aren’t open yet so you don’t be able to ride any attractions before the park officially opens.
As far as 7DMT goes, I guess you could technically get there to ride it right at 9am when the attraction opens but then you would be late for your ADR and I don’t know how that would be handled.

I didn’t realize that they would let people in early, especially since the opening show will likely be done by 850. I’d be nervous and keep trying for an earlier time, or look later to avoid eating during that first hour, when it is possible to get so much done

We were at the front for rope drop, and they let everyone in a little early. We were done with 7DMT before the park officially opened. We could have easily made a 9AM BOG. We are speed walkers, though, and made sure to keep up at the very front of the (nearly) sprinting crowds.

Early breakfast, especially at park opening, is not a good use of touring time- unless this is something that is on your ‘must do’ list. I would keep checking and try to get an ADR for 8 AM if you are eating there hoping to get on 7DMT earlier than the rope droppers. Even that is no guarantee depending upon when you are going in November- as park hours are sometimes extended during Thanksgiving week, so if the park opens at 8 AM you will still be doing rope drop first. You can get in quite a bit earlier than your ADR for that late of a breakfast- but I do not know exactly how much leeway the CM’s will give you. I know that for an 8 AM ADR they let you in around 7:45- 7:50 AM. We have a BOG at 8 AM in early December, and are pretty confident park hours will remain standard at a 9 AM open when there is no EMH. We have to eat breakfast anyways, so our plan is to get 7DMT, PP and Pooh out of the way by 9:30 or so. I didn’t even put them on our touring plan- and just started the plan at 9:30 and excluded those 3 attractions. There have been a couple of instances where weather or a ‘controlling’ CM have messed up the BOG to 7DMT plan- but it is pretty infrequent.

In June, we had an 8:30 BOG with 9 am RD, and they let us in with the rest of the “breakfast crowd” at 7:50, we wandered around the castle a bit for pictures, then checked into BOG around 8:10 and were seated right away. You don’t need an 8 a BOG for the pre-RD plan to work - I’d look for anything before and up to 8:30.

You’ll want to pay attention to the email you’ll get a month before your reservation to pre-order your meal, that should save you some time as well. I really like the experience of BOG breakfast, but being in the parks at opening is too good an opportunity to waste on eating, so if you can’t get pre-RD BOG, I’d move it to later, after 10.

Thanks everyone! Very helpful. Have never done a BOG breakfast before. I am still going to try for an earlier time and heard that the day before is a good time to get it because people don’t feel like waking up early the next morning.

They pop pretty often on the Disney site. I have been fine tuning times for various ADR’s over the past week or so- and I could have booked an early BOG quite literally almost every day of the trip. I couldn’t believe how often one would come up. Thought they were hard to get- so maybe it was just luck. BOG lunch popped 3 times while I was changing up times as well. Dinner (which we took) only came up once. Moral of the story- keep trying- especially at the 51- 45 day window, as people with packages have to cancel by then. With the exchange rate being so bad for a lot of countries right now, I am guessing a lot of people ‘holding out’ for the exchange rate to improve will have to cancel. DW is Canadian and still has money in Canada- and it has been like 75 cents CAD vs. USD. The other good time is two weeks down to 5 days- as people with room only reservations have to cancel within 5 days (I think this is right…) to get their deposit back.

Yes, I’ve seen tons of BOG breakfast availability, from a couple of months out until days before.

OMG!!! We are there 11/12 and have been trying since the midnight hour as soon as we were able. What is the secret?

Are you there during free dining? The secret is not to be looking then :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I have used WDWTools’ ADR Sniper and Disney Dining Scout. There has been a crackdown on some of these services, but I know that Scout is still working.

I’ve also seen availability through MDE when I’m on my trip (people canceling to avoid the penalty), but you may not be willing to be that flexible. Otherwise, check a bunch, people’s plans change, particularly around the 45 day mark where people with packages need to make a final deposit.

Just check back as often as you can. I looked just about every day, multiple times a day, for 2 weeks and an 8am finally popped up (I have a very lax job though that allows me that much free time). As our trip got closer I saw them just about every single day.

Another two b’fasts popped up today on two different days. Haven’t seen another dinner come up since the last time I posted- but another lunch came up yesterday as well. I check randomly throughout the day- as I am still fine tuning a couple of ADR times and am looking for a better time slot. I don’t know that there is a secret except to keep checking when you have the time to do so.