Need Basic help in short timeframe

Hello! I just made my reservations at Shades of Green for Jan. 29 - Feb 9. I will be buying tickets through them, but haven’t yet.
I know I need to do the following things in fairly short order, but I don’t know what order. Can you help me?
A. Buy tickets (according to SOG website, they will be physical tickets
B. Sign up for My Disney Experience
C. Make Dining reservations
D. Get magic wristbands

Is there anything else I must do before all this?

Much thanks! Pennie

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Create your account on MDE first.

Then you can make dining reservations (ADRs) at 180 days out for the full length of your stay. I think you’re within that now.

Then look at buying the tickets. That way you can get them linked to MDE, so you can book Fastpasses 60 days out. Even though they give you physical tickets, I’m sure you get a code to enter into MDE.

You don’t have to buy magic bands. The plastic RFID cards will do. But if you want to buy them you can get them from the shopdisney site.

But creating an MDE account is the first step!

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Where are you buying tickets from and what type are you buying?

If you’re military and buying the military salute tix (by far the best offer for military) you can get them also through any base ITT office. For more info (lots of info!) see the blog militarydisneytips.

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Stars and Stripes pass or Magic Your Way ticket. I have to find out how much extra the Stars and Stripes charges for the Plus option first.

I’m civilian so don’t qualify for Military Salute. Will def check out the blog. Thanks!

Okay. We do military salute tickets so I’m not familiar with the other options. Sorry.

Your dining reservations will be opening this Friday, Aug 2 at 6 am.

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If you set-up a trip on your Touring plans dashboard, there will be a checklist of things you need to do and the timeline. I find it very helpful.
You can also get reminders for ‘milestones’ such as ADR and fast pass booking days.

TOP PRIORITY is MDE, then planning for your ADRs! That generally requires deciding on your park days, so you want to get on that asap!

No big hurry on tickets, you don’t really need them until shortly before your FPP day, 60 days out.

Same with Magic bands - you can order them right through MDE, but you have plenty of time for that.

Right now, it’s all about the ADRs! :grin:

Thank you all for your help! I have set up my MDE. Just have to add one kid and I;m set. Researching restaurants now

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I will keep it simple. BCAD

Will miss you at Shades by a day

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Make sure you add a credit card on file before your ADR day then you won’t waste precious time on ADR day.

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And just to clarify, except for certain pre-paid dining (CRT, Hoop de Doo, Spirit of Aloha), it doesn’t actually charge anything to the CC when you book. It will use that CC if you don’t show up and didn’t cancel. You can pay any way you want at the meal itself.

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Thank you! I would never have guessed they needed my card.

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