Need Advice: When Would You Go?

Booking trip for next year and wanting opinions…Either 9/18-9/27 or 10/2-10/11. Would the later trip be much cooler with less rain to offset the inconvenience of the higher crowds? What would y’all do?

Bonus Question: Where would you stay…BC or YC?

Weather is going to be a minimal difference, so I’d go with the earlier dates. Yacht Club is slightly more central between Epcot and DHS and is usually a little less crowded, those are probably its biggest pluses over BC.

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@kellybelle I would go in October :arrow_forward: Food and Wine Festival!!! :heartpulse:

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Yes. Little difference weather wise or btw YC/BC IMO. I’d go with the lowest crowds if applicable. Think F&W covers both dates?


Starts September 19th, so they can get it on both.


Weather should be about the same. I would go with September, it will be a little less crowded. October was a great time to go years ago, but it is getting more crowded. But that is not stopping me I will be there this October!!

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Do you think F&W will start early again next year?

There’s just something about saying October rather than September, that makes me think “cooler”. Haha. I know it’s only a two week difference though.

We are staying at the BC for the first time next month. Will let you know how we like it. Why don’t you book two weeks in the middle of Sept and then adjust dates when F&W dates come out? I always book a wide range of dates until I’m sure when I want to go and the best plane ticket deals.

We went Oct 15 - 25th a few years ago and it was perfect!!! Hardly any rain - and it was warm enough for a tshirt all day long but not too hot! AND F&W!!! It was divine:) The festival runs Sept 19th - Nov 10th this year so I’m sure they will have it that long or longer in 2015 :slight_smile:

@happygolucky that’s a good idea. I wish we were doing BC this trip. We changed our mine so many times, we missed it! You’ll have to let me know what you think. We are staying CR for the first time, so kids are excited about that!

Good to know @EthicalAddict My birthday is the first week of October too, so we could celebrate there if we waited!

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Well then you HAVE to go then!!! I insist :wink: Best birthday ever!

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Haha! @EthicalAddict Well, it’s settled then!

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@kellybelle CR is on my DD9’s bucket list. Going to have to swap hotel info.

If my DH were not a teacher, I would go in October and I am soooo jealous of all you folks that get to go in the Fall! Enjoy!!!