Need advice on upcoming trip

For our upcoming trip in February we have ADRs for breakfast at CRT and dinner at 1900 Park Fare (different days). We are also meeting Cinderella at Fairy Tale Hall because my DS5 has to meet Elena. I am starting to think this may be too much Cinderella in one trip? I am traveling with 4 young boys, 2 young girls, and grandparents. I am debating on skipping out on 1900 Park Fare and maybe using that evening to explore our resort more (Polynesian)? All opinions are welcome!

Any chance you could schedule some alternate plan for any part of the party if they would rather spend their time doing something else? Perhaps the grandparents can handle a few on their own? Maybe an alternate meal to CRT and 1900? Might save you a whole lot of money as well. Perhaps if there are some in the party that would rather do a QS and a few rides instead of crt?

It really comes down to your group - if your boys have a crush on the princesses - let them see them. If they don’t care - split off and meet up later. We have done this more and more - and everyone is happier. We still spend a lot of time together - but it is also fun to break off and it just be “the two or 3 of us”

Don’t be afraid to break up the herd

What about BoG instead of CRT? And skip 1900 PF, it’s nice but you only go to see Cinderella. What not try the tea with Alice in wonderland or the HDD? That neat better suit everyone.

My suggestion is similar to @u999wc9: what about changing 1900 PF to breakfast instead? You still get a character meal, but it’s not princesses. The boys may enjoy Alice and the Mad Hatter as opposed to the Cinderella theme, but you still get the character meal at the GF.


So this is what we have always done. Although it always comes down to the one sucker - I mean planner (usually me). I do get what everyone wants to do / eat. Each person gets at least one meal of their choice and then there is no bitchin’ about anyone else’s choices. Now we are just a group of 4 so it is easy - but we do this so that everyone gets what they want and gives us a chance to enjoy what someone else has picked (as the planner and financier of it though - I have VETOED some selections). Although the CEO and COO Mrs Yost usually has final say - HA


I went to 1900 for dinner in November and was not impressed. It was our most expensive meal and our least favorite. Did not have the best character interactions and the step sisters did not come. BOG was our favorite by far! Good luck!

Thank you for all the suggestions! @HakunaMatata93 your review is one of the reason I am leaning toward canceling 1900 Park Fare for dinner. I know it will be expensive and I am afraid the cost will not be worth it. I am thinking about maybe trying to see if I can get the breakfast to avoid Cinderella like @u999wc9 and @potternut2001 suggested. Since I am planning the entire trip the group will do whatever I decide and most likely won’t want to break off.

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