Need advice on park days

Have booked our trip for weekend before November (can’t wait and wish we could go a less busy time, but school prevents it)…this is a re-book from our cancelled May 2020 trip. We will be at WDW the Sat, Sun and Mon before Thanksgiving and then hop over to Universal for 1.5 days. For some background, we don’t park hop and will get there early–we come about once every 3 years…last time was 2017 so a lot has changed. I’ve read so many blogs on which day to go to which park and there seems to be different opinions so I’d like yours and am secretly hoping for a consensus: Which days of our Sat, Sun, and Mon would you recommend we go to MK, AK and HS (we can’t fit Epcot in this trip)? Thanks for any advise!

Honestly I don’t know that you’re going to see much of a difference in crowds that close to thanksgiving between Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I wouldn’t expect a difference in park hours either, so my feedback would be to just book whichever order you want. Without EMH you’re just not seeing that crowd fluctuation between parks like you used to.

That being said, weekends are generally busier than weekdays so whichever park you would want less crowds in you should book Monday. Personally I would book MK on Monday, there’s more rides there than the other parks so if there is a slight dip in crowds you’ll be able to ride and experience more. Since you’re only there 3 days I imagine you probably want to get in as much as possible. Plus IF they bring back a nighttime show by November it’ll be your last night there so kind of a nice send off.

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thanks–good idea on possible fireworks the last night to end the trip!

I don’t really think it matters now with the capped capacity and park reservations. By then, unless they have increased capacity (they might!), I would say probably all of those days each of the parks is going to be at capacity. Mondays at MK are usually busy because a lot of people start their vacations there. I would probably do HS Saturday, MK Sunday, AK Monday.