Need advice on choosing a week next fall

Last year we (DH and I) went the week after Thanksgiving. We had a great trip (except it was a little cold) and the Christmas decorations were beautiful. Since Thanksgiving is so late this year, I was thinking about going Nov 16-22, the week before Thanksgiving. I don’t think the Epcot holiday festival will be started yet, and I’m worried that we will be disappointed that everything isn’t fully decorated yet. It seems like kind of a weird time in between the Food and Wine and the full-on Christmas. I could back up the trip to late October, but we have alot of commitments during October that will be harder to work around. Sept is hot and rainy but we like the crowd levels, the Food and Wine festival and our schedule is more open in Sept. (BTW, we’d probably skip Star Wars even if it is open due to crowds.) Any advice to help me commit to a week?? Thanks.

I feel your pain. September crowds are great…but the weather. We are doing end of October, first few days of November (no Christmas decorations). I would think the week before Thanksgiving could be pretty good. I am trying to avoid SWGE altogether, and hope I have succeeded

@bethro23 Thanks. The last week of Oct was our first choice, but a conflict has come up and it’s going to be logistically more difficult, so trying to decide if another week will work. September works so well for our schedule overall, I just don’t know if we will be saying “Why the heck did we come when it’s so hot and rainy?!” We’ve been many times so we only do half park days anyway, so maybe September wouldn’t be so bad? We could avoid the afternoon.


Update: decided to go September 21-27 and I’m feeling good about it! We’ll deal with whatever weather we get. Bonus is that the 7 month DVC availability is looking much better than in October. Hoping to switch to something good for our split stay.


good…and lower crowds for september. I was supposed to go that week last year and had to cancel (not due to weather)

Yep lower crowds would be nice! Still trying to get the hang of the empty-nester thing when we have alot more choices of weeks to go! LOL. We still have one kid playing a sport in college so that limits our availability though.

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4 years out and I’m still trying to get used to empty nest

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