Need Advice on booking/Travel Agent decisions


My husband and I started going to WDW almost (missed a year!) annually five years ago (and we both went when we were younger, but we didn’t need to make decisions back then!) I’ve used a travel agent a few times, but last year I decided to forego that TA since I had become fairly adept at doing things myself and I love planning.

I’m a Disney Chase member, so the discounts open a day or so earlier usually. Well, I called to get a discount applied to our package on the day they were released as soon as I had heard they were released (around 9am or so) and there were NO discounts left for Pop Century (mid-January trip). So last year’s trip was more expensive than it needed to be.

This year (will be another January trip), I was going to try again and I was thinking of trying my hand at the a la carte method- buying tickets from a third party and getting room only reservation.

I’m rethinking that now, though. With everything that is going on, I’m worried that the discounts may not be as predictable as before and maybe it would be handy to use a TA again so that I can make sure to get those discounts when they come out.


Thank you!

I think that you are wise to think about possible complications. Direct from Disney, using a great TA (especially a liner) would be what I would advise.


Thank you for your advice! I was definitely leaning that way, your opinion helps!

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