Need advice from recent DLR visitors

Our first trip with my DD’s in 2010, my mom was with us and we got a wheelchair for her. She was mobile, but DL was too much for her all day. That why I know for sure Pirates brings in wheelchairs via the exit. I’ve personally seen wheelchairs entering through the exit on the other rides I mentioned except HM. But I don’t that queue is wheelchair friendly.

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I totally get it! My mother & father in law come down to California with us to visit their best friends that live in Westminster really close to Anaheim. They’ll join us for one day at DL but even with us making it a very slow easy-going morning and usually sitting down to eat lunch with them somewhere nice, they are ready to check-out by 3pm and relax at their friends’. :rofl:

Our one wheelchair experience was on the first night of our trip I got up after sitting cross-legged on the hotel floor and something about the way I twisted my knee set off something painful. I could barely hobble. So we got the wheelchair the next morning and then during midday break I went to urgent care. We never did find out what really tweaked my knee (nothing came up on the xray the urgent care did) but with resting it by being in the wheelchair, lots of ice when we were back at the hotel and the 600mg Ibuprofen they prescribed me did wonders so it was just the one day I needed the wheelchair.


They are becoming pretty strict about not using DAS for mobility issues so it would probably be best to not mention anything about mobility when you sign up for the DAS.

Do be specific as to what your father’s needs are. Provide them with what he can/cannot do. “Dad is unable to wait in lines for more than XX minutes.”
You don’t have give a reason why …you can if you want to, but DLR isn’t allowed (by law) to ask. They also don’t need a diagnosis or a letter from a medical professional.