Need advice due to changing park hours

I have all of my touring plans pretty well set for our June trip. With change in park hours it is putting a wrench in my plans a bit. We are planning to so EP on Monday June 22nd and then MK Tuesday June 23rd (we have other days but these are the two in question right now). For EP on the 22nd, I was planning preRD Akershus, touring, break, back for dinner and Illuminations (making this a late night). MK is now opening at 8 am on the 23rd. I was planning on us making RD for 9 am (since we are staying at GF and will still have the boat to make it to MK easily with monorail hours being limited). But now with 8 am opening, I fear DH and DD7 will be too exhausted to make RD the next morning.

We have two other MK days, both of which we WILL make RD at all costs lol. Worth dropping Illuminations to make RD this day in MK. Or keep plans for Illuminations and just deal with late arrival to MK if we don’t make it up early enough?

We have never seen illuminations so it is definitely a priority for us if that helps. Just help me feel better about missing RD!

If you have two other MK RDs, I wouldn’t worry at all. Get there the next morning whenever you get there, and if you’re using the app, reoptimize your TP when you arrive.

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Thanks for your advice @WDWRDpro! We get so much done with RD so it makes me a little nervous to miss it. But I will deal. I think I would be more sad to go another trip missing Illuminations.

Rumor has it Illuminations may be going away in the near future. That may further influence your decision not to miss it this time.

I agree, two rope drops will be fine. Just concentrate on the longer wait rides those two RD mornings. Sleep in and ‘get there when you get there’ the morning after Illuminations. That day can consist of rides that are easier to do anytime, mixed with FP+ rides. You can also slow down a bit this day and just walk around the park and seeing all of the cool detail and hidden gems!

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This is the beauty of FPP! Enjoy illumations. Enjoying giving your crowd a sleep-in morning knowing that you still get to skip through the FPP lines for your must-do 3-of-the-day whenever you happen to show up. :slight_smile:

Illuminations is my favourite fireworks show @lizard428, I really really hope you get to see it!
Let me know what you think if you do!

Thank you everyone for all of your input! I am definitely going to keep our plans for illuminations!

I’m really excited to see it @quicha! I had no idea it might be canceled @spontius so I’m definitely keeping it! @dgepp, we plan on doing TTA, CoP, MILF, PM that day which all typically have virtually no wait. Only major rides that will have waits are Buzz and AO and then we have our FPP for 7DMT at 10:30 and then Cindy&Rap meet and A&E meet. Definitely love FPP for this!


Sounds like an awesome day!!

I agree with PPs who said this isn’t as big a deal because you have other days with RD. I would also like to add that even if you get to MK at 9 (after an 8 am opening) the crowds will still be lighter compared to later in the day. So, you might be surprised what you can get done even an hour after the park opens- especially if everyone is relaxed/rested as opposed to stressed from rushing to make it by RD.

Thanks!! Getting so exited… We leave in just 23 days!!!