Need About 20 People to Test New Lines Features

Reply to this post if you'd like to test a couple of new Lines features.

We're adding 3 things to the app:

  1. A "ride now or wait?" indicator telling you whether Lines are going up or down in the short, medium, and long term.
  2. Ride descriptions for each attraction
  3. A graph showing forecasted wait times for the rest of the day

What we'd like you to test is the accuracy and clarity of the "ride now or wait?" text. We want to make sure it's clear; matches the forecast; and is something you can use.

Here's a screen capture of what the indicator might look like, taken early this afternoon:

You'll see that we recommend riding Splash Mountain now, because wait times aren't expected to be shorter any time soon. We also recommend waiting for Space Mountain, because wait times are dropping through the end of the afternoon parade. The indicator also lists what will happen in the medium term ("Lines increase until 6:35 p.m.") and long-term ("Next shortest after that is 8:50 pm (78 minutes)").

The ride descriptions look like this, and are useful if you're trying to decide whether to ride something:

The new graphs are a picture representation of the wait times we already give in the table. They're useful for getting a quick sense of whether the lines are going to go up or down, and the magnitude of the change. Much easier than trying to interpret a table of numbers, I think:

@daybreaker is handling this feature and release. Respond below if you'd like to be part of the test. First 20 people get priority.


Would love to play around with that! Got one quick suggestion for what I'm seeing in the screen shot while I'm thinking about it, too. Would it be possible to put the "Ride any time" and "Ride now" in different colors from each other in the future? If I'm looking at the list, I might just start doing the ones in green without seeing that one of them is actually a Ride Now option. By the time I get down to that Ride Now option, I might have missed the good window of opportunity while the other items on the list would continue to be Ride any time.


Pick me! Pick me!

I'll try it!

I'm in!

I'd try it

Me, me!

Happy to help test anything you need.

Sigh... Not in disney till 9/2015... If I can "play aRound" I'll test anything

I'd love to help! Do you have to be in the parks?

If a DLR version is going live soon, I'll be there in three weeks

I'm in!

Ooooo Oooo Pick me! Pick Me!

Yes please in world mid sept if that works or can monitor actual wait times on lines and/or Disney app

Pick me. At WDW in 12 days

Love to test but not back in WDW until 11/2015.... But if you need a non park tester I'm so in ....

Would love to be a part of this! Won't arrive in the world until 9/24!

Thanks! You don't have to be in the parks to test this.


Then count me in!

Ill try it. Can already see one suggestion.