Need a quick reality check

My trip with my mom was a absolute success in her eyes(wooo hooo!) …however… a LOT of experiences were scrapped while there to make sure she was included and was having a good time or could do things.

And now I got a real itch to do some solo touring and I’m wondering if anyone thinks it’d be a good idea to sneak down for a few days? Money is kinda tight after this past trip, but looking at the weekend of June 22nd, the crowds are fairly low and I think I can get there and back for less than $1000 total (yay for annual pass!). We also didn’t use up all the gift cards, so that’ll certainly help out.

Only a few things are standing in my way:

  1. I’m the primary caregiver to my mom, and the rest of the my family isn’t exactly eager to help out.

  2. I feel my family will give me nothing but grief if I try and go down to Disney again, especially if they need to now step up and help mom out more.

  3. It’s only a weekend, but it’s a month out and… we’ve seen the changes that can happen in a month already :sweat:

  4. No festivals in Epcot are happening (I think). I really liked the flower and garden, I would’ve liked to partake more than what I did.

  5. That week MIGHT be the week of chemo and, as such, me vanishing might not be a good idea.

  6. There’s still the trip in September that is booked, but I’m still not sure if both of us are going, or if it’s just me, or if it’ll have to be missed all together yet. And if it is both of us, I feel it’ll be a big repeat of what happened this time, a lot of things getting scrapped due to the nature of what’s going on.

I dunno… thoughts?


I’m sorry you’re going through all that. I lost my mom about four years ago, so I tend to think you should wait.

It sounds like you don’t have the support right now and might regret it if something happened while you were gone. Disney will be there for a good while.

All that being said - I wouldn’t judge you if you went. Only you know what’s going on.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


I am in a similar situation and I would probably stay home. Disney is not a place to feel guilty, even for a weekend. I decided not to go out of state. Other family members will step up for a day to make sure I get the needed alone time for relaxation. I can get home quickly if need be. Being a full time care giver is not easy and my heart goes out to you. Please do what you can to take care of yourself.

I, too, will not judge if you decide to go. I am speaking of what works, or would be, the best for me.


You have another trip on the horizon as well, but I understand the urge to head to WDW for a weekend to experience the things you missed while things are medically stable at home. A difficult decision for sure.

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Sorry to hear of your situation … I’m of the opinion that if your mom is stable then it’s important that you get a break too. I know how exhausting being the main care provider can be … see what your family can do … it’s only a weekend they may surprise you.

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I understand an annual pass burning a whole in your pocket. And I understand wanting to do things you were limited on while you were with your mother.

Here you will find support either way you decide.

Personally I would wait a bit to see if there might be a better time frame. I am sorry to hear you are the primary care giver, and will have a hard time getting a weekend.

Another thought I have not seen voiced, is what will or does your mom think. I may be projecting here, but maybe she will feel bad that you did not get to do so much because she was there. If you waited a bit more before going back that will not be as great as a factor.

I will not judge you either way and support both sides. Sorry not to help more.


Thanks everyone, this is exactly what I was looking for. I think I’ll just “adult” for a little while and table this until something seems a bit more final in terms of what will happen. The idea that something may happen when I’m away is definitely on my mind.

Also, I’m sorry I might have gave the impression being the primary caregiver was a problem, it’s not. I just was pointing out that I don’t consider the rest of my family reliable (or willing) enough to do the job. Y’know…I think I just might be a bit of a control freak… and it maybe why I like planning so much! haha

If she learned or felt that her being on the trip made it, at all, worse than what it could have been, it would break her heart…and in turn mine. It was her #1 fear before we went that she was going to ruin the trip for me if she went. In the end, she did not (and could not) but…I don’t know, I really liked touring alone too and would’ve liked to do more of it.


Got it on the family.

As to wanting to tour solo more. Make plans for the September trip that will reflect that, build it in, and allow your mom to rest more.

I am also sure you will find a way when the time feels better to go and catch another trip. As you have found this community is awesome.

As I said before get onto Shutterfly and make a scrapbook. Share it with mom.

Again start planning September’s trip and build in more solo time ask your mom what she wants to repeat, do differently, etc.


If you decide not to go, try to at still get a day or weekend to yourself. You can do something nearby. For me I enjoy a day at the Spa. I get one treatment which allows the use of the nice facilities and pool. Your family may understand the need for some respite. Taking a day trip or a nearby weekend trip would likely be seen in a different light than going to Disney.

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“the force is strong”. I understand, but imo I’d skip it.

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