Need a BOG dinner reservation for 3 on either 9/10/14 or 9/11/14

Hey everyone,
Is there anyone w/ a party of 3 who is thinking of canceling a dinner reservation at BOG on either 9/10/14 or 9/11/14? If so, please let me know...thank you in advance!

Things do tend to open up 24-48 hours before due to the cancellation charges but you may have luck doing a walk up at 4-4.30ish, especially with only 3. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the advice! A few hour ago, I was able to snag a reservation for 9/11/14 at 4:15pm thanks to the the alert system provided by

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How does wdwtools work? Do they give you one choice and take it or leave it?

Basically you go on the site and register...once that is done, you get to set up alerts for the dates and times of the restaurant you would like to activate each alert, it will cost you can choose to be alerted via sms and email...once a reservation is released (it can happen at any time, even overnight), you will get an alert with a direct link to the restaurant site and reservation have to be quick to snatch it up before someone else does....don't be discouraged if you don't get it the first will have dozens of other opportunities to try....I was getting so many alerts at one point I was happy to get rid of them once I was able to grab a reservation. You can also check with the restaurant on the day of for any cancellations

Thanks for info! I signed up last night. How long is it before they start notifying you? Did they have a lot of notifications for early evening BOG? I would like to snag an early evening BOG. I only signed up for BOG but for any time.

I signed up for BOG and Chef Mickey...I received more alerts for Chef Mickey's (way too many) than I did for first I started getting BOG reservations for late evening until I stumbled across one for 4:15pm which was perfect for us...I'm sure by now you've received some kind of alert...I recommend you stay by your phone at all times because you never know when a reservation is going to become available